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Aloha! And, welcome to Paradise… Paradise Landscape & Hardscape, LLC located in Riva, MD. I’m Michael Clautice and I started this family owned and operated business as a simple Grass Cutting and Lawn Maintenance Services provider in 2002.  By 2008, my services had successfully evolved and expanded to launch a full service landscape and hardscape business!  Paradise Landscape & Hardscape, LLC was born with a couple simple goals in mind: To help each and every client achieve their own little slice of paradise and to effectively nurture those customer relationships to last a lifetime with dedication, honesty, integrity and creative vision.

par•a•dise noun
: a very beautiful, pleasant, or peaceful place that seems to be perfect
: a place that is perfect for a particular activity or for a person who enjoys that activity
: a state of complete happiness

Our years of experience have taught us that every project is unique. No matter how large or small the scope of work is, our goal remains the same – to ensure that each customer is happy. Every member of our team consistently provides professionalism, reliable construction, and top-notch quality to exceed your expectations. In fact, you’ll see me and my Yellow Lab, Tiki, on every jobsite! My passion for perfection is what keeps our companies’ standards of excellence set so high!

Team Paradise would love to connect with you this year! We have the education, experience and expertise to bring your space to life in addition to offering a wide variety of other full range services such as:  lawn care and maintenance services, complete yard restoration, lawn clean-up, storm clean-up, plant and tree installation, mulching and weeding, leaf removal, snow removal and hardscape installations such as paver driveways and walkways, lighting, waterfall units, fire pits and more!

You name it – we do it. Let us help streamline your life and reduce your stress, by consolidating your multiple vendors for these services into one company. Call Paradise Landscape & Hardscape, LLC today at 443-458-5588! For a full, detailed list of our services, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Mahalo! We look forward to meeting you and helping your build your own slice of paradise!

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