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Drainage and Lighting Solutions

We are an Annapolis, MD area leader in drainage and lighting. Our experienced team of professionals can handle any project, large or small. Contact Us now for a free estimate.

DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS: Paradise Landscape & Hardscape designs and installs the following drainage solutions:
• Catch basins, channel drains, & French drains to move water away from home
• Connect gutter downspouts and run them underground to the location you want
• Dry creek bed with hidden drainage pipes to channel water and improve the aesthetic properties
• Change the grading on your property to divert water in a different direction
• Innovative Dry-wells

Are you the house or property that everybody else’s water drains to? Do you think that you have to have a pond in your yard every time it rains? Well, Paradise Landscape & Hardscape, LLC is here to help. We can collect, retain, and discharge storm water on-site, offering a gravel-free alternative to a traditional dry well.

Groundwater and Rainwater Retention:
Why waste all of the free water from your landscape, rooftop, driveways, patios, and grass area. Re-use it! This new technology will collect and retain groundwater and rainwater underground and be able for you use at your own convenience. Are you tired of having ugly rain barrels under your gutter downspouts? We can install a retention basin underground, collect and retain all rainwater, and then hook this new water source to a hose or your irrigation system.

Energy Saving LED Retrofit
Do you already have landscape lighting and want to save MONEY on your energy bill and tired of changing bulbs 2 or 3 times a year? We have the solution for you. LED retrofit keeps your existing fixtures and changes your bulbs to LED. LED retrofit can save you up to 95% on your energy costs for your landscape lighting.

LED Landscape Lighting
Having professionals design and install LED outdoor lighting for your home or business not only creates a uniquely different look for your property at night, it’s also an added security feature.
Whether you are interested in:
• Tree, pathway, and house lighting
• Lighting for your pool or hot tub area
• Decorative lighting to spotlight unique property features
• Holiday and party lighting

We have the knowledge and manpower to install, repair, and suggest the best fitting LED outdoor lighting for your home or business.

Call us today at: 443-458-5588! Annapolis, MD

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