Fire Pit and Stone Pavers in Annapolis

Hardscape Design Trends

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Paver stone patios and fire pits are popular hardscape design trends in home renovation and outdoor living in Annapolis, MD. Furthermore, outdoor living has significantly evolved during the pandemic in the recent years. Homeowners are placing…
Lawn Mowing Services in Annapolis

Outdoor Plants for Winter Landscaping

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It is often a tough task to keep your greenery going during these cold winter months. Thankfully there are a number of plants and trees that can be kept from the snow, ice and barren ground. Perfect Outdoor Plants for Winter Landscaping in…
Lawn Care Services in Annapolis

Increase the Lifespan of Your Shrubs

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Fans of shearing love to the debate about shearing. Do you prefer formal shearing or seasonal rejuvenation pruning? Let's see if we can't help things cool down by explaining the benefits of regular pruning. There are many advantages of regular…
Pavers Patio Pool Deck in Annapolis

Choosing The Right Stone For Your Pool Deck

Every swimming pool needs a pool deck, and there are several types of paver stones and pavements to consider. As a result, choosing the right stone for your pool deck is not always easy. At Paradise Landscapes and Hardscapes, we always take…
Retaining Wall Hardscape Paver Patios in Annapolis

Benefits of Retaining Walls

The benefits of retaining walls are both functional and beautiful. What are some of the benefits of retaining walls? What is a retaining wall? This article will help to answer those questions. If you live in Annapolis, or the surrounding areas,…
Leaf Removal services in Annapolis MD

Seasonal Leaf Removal Services

Let us help with the raking and removal of leaves in your yard! We offer all types of packages for seasonal leaf removal services in Annapolis and the surrounding areas.Is your property starting to look a little shabby this time of year?…
Weed control in Annapolis

Fall Weed Control is Crucial

Fall is here and it's time to start thinking about weed control. Fall Weed Control is Crucial! What are some of the most common reasons why Maryland's fall weed control is neglected? Spring weeds will sprout with a vengeance, that's how.Although…
Pavers Patio Pool Deck in Annapolis

Hardscaping Services in Annapolis

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Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes is a unique full-service landscaping company. We provide residential and commercial services in and around Annapolis, Harwood, Edgewater, Arnold, Severna Park, Bowie, Baltimore, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Arnold,…

Common Signs of Deer Damage In Your Yard

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Deer can cause a lot of damage to your yard and landscape – especially in the fall. Deer control is one of the most popular and frequently requested services at Paradise Landscaping & Hardscapes right now. We can help reduce the presence…
Yard Drainage Solutions in Annapolis Maryland

Yard Drainage Problems

So you just had a huge rainstorm and your yard is now flooding with water. You may be wondering how to fix this problem. This article will give you some tips on what to do when heavy rains overflow the soil's ability to absorb water, leading…

Landscape Design Tips for Maryland Homeowners

Are you looking for Landscape Design Tips for Maryland Homeowners? If you're a Maryland homeowner and you're looking to improve your home's landscape, we can help! We've compiled some of the best Landscape Design Tips for Maryland Homeowners.…
drainage solutions annapolis maryland

Maryland Lawn Care in Annapolis

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Maryland Lawn Care in Annapolis is a seasonal job. It doesn't take long for your lawn to need a little green thumb love. Maintaining a yard is not always simple. This is especially true if you live in a seasonal area, like Annapolis, with harsh…