Spring Cleaning for a Lush Yard Landscape

As winter gradually comes to an end and spring's warmer days approach, homeowners in Annapolis, Maryland, begin turning their focus to the outdoors. After months of freezing temperatures and frost, the inviting weather presents an excellent…
Yard drainage solutions in Annapolis

What is the best solution for yard drainage?

Yard drainage solutions are essential to yard maintenance, as they help to protect your yard from water damage and erosion. Proper drainage prevents soil compaction, plant diseases, and flooding. So what is the best solution for yard drainage…
lighting ideas

Landscape Lighting Ideas

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Are you searching for an experienced and dependable grounds care service team to keep your property looking its finest throughout the year? Look no further than Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes! Our staff of trained lighting specialists is…
The Benefits of Sodding

The Benefits of Sodding

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The benefits of sodding are many when it comes to having an instant thick, luxurious yard. Planting a seeded or sprigged yard can take up to 18 months before it's ready for use, meaning your lawn could look dull and neglected. On the other hand,…
snow removal services annapolis md

Commercial Snow Removal Services in Annapolis, MD

Winter weather is upon us. Snow, ice, and sleet can add difficulty to any outdoor activity. While some homeowners eagerly perform their own snow removal, others prefer to invest in these services through a professional company. Snow removal…
Mulching Services in Annapolis MD

Terracotta Is The Color of The Year

Terracotta looks like it will be the year’s color in our gardens! This rich, earthy hue is perfect for creating warm and inviting spaces. Here are some ways to use Terracotta in your home to create an on-trend look! We love orange and are…
Christmas Tree Lights Installation in Annapolis

Christmas Tree Lights Installation

Christmas lights on trees around your property are a great way to get into the season's spirit, and timing is everything. What is the best way to hang Christmas lights on trees in your yard? Here are a few tips on Christmas Tree Lights Installation…
fall cleanup services in annapolis

Affordable Fall Cleanup Services

A lovely and well-kept lawn displays your personality and character. Lawn care services from Paradise Landscaping are ideal if you need lawn cleaning services. Our team offers practical and affordable fall cleanup services in Annapolis to keep…
Paradise Landscaping in Annapolis Outdoor Lighting and Patio Pool LIghts

Hardscape Services in Annapolis

It may be time to upgrade your hardscape services in Annapolis. Do you want new outdoor living spaces? Let's get started then! You've planted a few soft materials but can quickly see that you need a new hardscape design. At this point, you probably…
Grass Cutting Services Annapolis Landscaping

Fall Lawn Care in Annapolis

Since cooler temperatures are coming, now is the time to prepare your lawn for winter. By taking care of your property in autumn, you can ensure that it will be green and healthy when spring arrives. Team Paradise offers a wide range of services…

Grass Care in Severna Park

Call in the professionals at Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes of Annapolis to achieve a great lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood. You may think you can take care of everything by yourself, but our team has the expertise to bring…
Fire Pit and Stone Pavers in Annapolis

DIY Fire Pit Ideas and Backyard Firepits

While you may not require the use of fire in the same manner that your ancestors did, a backyard fire pit can be beautiful and valuable to any outdoor setting. Since the invention of fire, it has become a handy source of lighting, cooking, and…