Hardscape designs are landscapes that use rock, minerals, wood and other non-living materials to create an appealing space. These kinds of designs are ideal for desert environments that don’t sustain much plant life. They’re also economical for small outdoor spaces and homeowners with little gardening time because they eliminate most types of maintenance. At Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC, we can build you a sustainable, maintenance-free and compelling hardscape design.

Custom Hardscape Design and Outdoor Living Spaces

Our Annapolis hardscaping design service can transform a troublesome backyard space into a brilliant focal point for outdoor entertaining. Some elements of your backyard environment already include hardscape elements – such as driveways, walkways, lighting, gravel paths, privacy walls and many other natural and manufactured materials.

The Benefits of Hardscaping

Using stone, rocks, bricks, statuary, concrete and hearty outdoor furniture can create an overwhelmingly beautiful yard, patio, garden or pool area. Unlike most yards, you will have few or no maintenance chores like watering, planting, trimming and shaping. The benefits of hardscapes include:

  • Little or no maintenance
  • Increased living area in your yard during warm weather
  • Water conservation and cost savings
  • Expanded entertainment areas
  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Easier incorporation of pool decks, patios, driveways and garden paths into design schemes

Endlessly Creative Design Features

You can use stone and other materials to create decorative structures, artistic rock arrangements, concrete patios and natural stone flooring for outdoor living spaces that include kitchen areas, barbecues and extensions of living rooms for entertaining people without worrying about damaging your valuable home furnishings and treasured mementos. Oher design ideas include:

  • Paver patios for outdoor living areas
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting to highlight special outdoor features
  • Covered outdoor structures like pergolas, gazebos and barbecue stations
  • Decorative fences and walls to block ambient noise and light
  • Garden paths using special colors and materials like a “yellow brick road”
  • Fountains or other water features
  • Retaining walls that create intimate and private plateau spaces at different heights
  • Metal fences of coated steel to separate gardening, cooking and relaxing spaces
  • Minimal foliage that draws attention in a stone-and-mineral environment – great for displaying plants and flowers like orchids, rare cacti or a Juliet rose garden

The non-living elements of any landscape design can include a brick wall, a dramatic water fountain, a pool path of colored rock, a stone wall or a stone wall. The living parts of an outdoor landscape are called softscapes. At Paradise, we can integrate hardscape and softscape elements into extraordinary designs that draw raves from your friends and neighbors.

The Advantages of Annapolis Hardscaping and Severna Park Hardscaping

Ready to increase your home value? Hardscape-related designs are sustainable because they don’t depend on whether your mowing company recently cut the grass or whether you’re experiencing drought conditions. At Paradise Landscaping, we work hard to exceed your expectations. We love our work, and nothing makes us happier than seeing a design through to completion for our neighbors in the Annapolis and Severn Park areas. Some great ideas for Severna Park hardscaping and Annapolis hardscaping upgrades include the following design strategies:

Stairways to Rival a Castle’s Battlements

We can build a scenic outdoor space by creating natural stone steps for steep backyards. Stone retaining walls can transform the area and make it look like a castle’s battlements. We also work with softscape elements and can choose accent shrubs, flowers and trees to create a compelling outdoor space.

Meandering Walkways

Straight lines can be boring. We specialize in creating pleasant, meandering walkways through your garden or hardscape-type features. Once you’ve approved our design ideas, our team of experienced builders get to work. The walkway will retain its value and charm for decades to come and improve your home’s curb appeal – with very little need of maintenance services.

Year-round Patio Space

An attractive, comfortable patio space can be used any time that the weather cooperates. We can take things to the next level by creating a European/Mediterranean vibe, even if your patio doesn’t overlook water or a scenic gorge.

Stone Water Features

Ponds and fountains are common features of the best hardscapes because they create a relaxing environment. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of running water, and our quality stone work can become a major focal point. Water attracts birds, which is another advantage of building attractive stone water features. Your backyard can become a nature sanctuary.

Hardscaping and Landscaping Combined

The best landscape designs use both hard and soft features, and we can handle the repetitive tasks of lawn maintenance, trimming, etc. We can design your space with plants that require minimal maintenance, water and care for your lush lawn and garden or provide just the right accents in key areas. Our landscaping services include:

  • Drainage design
  • Design and installation of sprinkler systems
  • Lawn mowing service
  • Planting services for your lawn and garden
  • Paver patios and pool decks
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions
  • Snow removal and salting to keep your outdoor areas safe and in good condition
  • Design and implementation of hardscaping and landscaping combined

Our combined approach might include a covered patio or pergolas with “house” plants that live outdoors in pottery planters. Many homeowners opt for a combined hard and soft environment that features a fire pit with comfortable seating for fall and winter entertaining. A charming pathway to the pit might be accented with flowers that bloom year-round.

Gracious Living for Nature Lovers

The value of hardscapes includes features that last until you decide to change them. Most require little maintenance, but softscape features change with the seasons as different plants flower and bloom throughout summer, leaves change during the fall pantheon of color and ice and snow create a winter wonderland as a landscape backdrop.

Gracious, sustainable living takes advantage of foliage, nature and seasonal features to get the most out of your landscape. Kent Island offers residents a great place to retire with lots of water and shades of green. Our landscaping practices take advantage of the island’s summer bounty of towering grasses, flowering shrubs and amazing wildlife that includes mallards, purple martins and eagles.

Expanding your living space outdoors in Annapolis and Severna Park creates an ideal environment for nature lovers, ecology enthusiasts, retirees and people who entertain frequently. Our services can create an ideal environment based on your preferences incorporating the best of all types of landscaping features.

No matter where you live in the area – the city or county, Severna Park or Kent Island – we can repurpose your outdoor space with hardscaping features that last for decades and increase your home value and curb appeal. Kent Island, the largest island in the Chesapeake Bay, offers extraordinary opportunities for homeowners to create a magical outdoor space.

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Contact us today for a consultation about lawn care, landscape design and maintenance plans for your landscape at Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC. We can create more usable land by using retaining walls and reclaiming space on sloped areas or expand your living area by creating an attractive and almost maintenance-free outdoor extension that complements your interior design.

Being a homeowner, you may be looking to make your back-yard and lawn beautiful, but wondering what to do. Your lawn or yard can be a place, where you can spend your leisure time with your family after working all day long. You may want to cherish great movements with your loved ones, enjoying beautiful scenery and beauty. You can have a beautiful evening or spend your weekends. The lawn or yard can also be a great outdoor place to have small family events like celebrating birthdays, having a Barbecue party. Paver patios and yard mowing will be two considerable methods to make your outdoor space more beautiful and attractive.

However, it is important for you to understand that both tasks are professional tasks, and they should be handled by expert professionals. Life is extremely busy for everyone, and people hardly get any spare time, even to enjoy with their family. So, it is not possible to spend so much time on paver patios and yard mowing. So, it is viable to hire experts, who will do the job as per your requirements.

Specific Reasons to Hire Professionals

Here are few other reasons to discuss, why you need to hire professionals for these tasks:

  • When you opt for professionals to get lawn services and installing paver patios, you can be sure that you will get professional services, making your lawn and backyard more beautiful. They have the required equipment, expertise, etc. to do landscaping. For instance, when it comes to cutting grass, they have professional and sharp blades, cutting grass in proper shape to give a beautiful look. The clean cutting of grass gives a wonderful look to your yard or lawn.
  • The professional lawn and pavers patios services will give your lawn and yard, a new style, which makes it more modern with the latest designs. The experts of paver patios will give shape to pavers with a variety of options. A lot of beautiful bricks are available for paver patios, and you can use any style, which you want.
  • The mowing process of your lawn will be more professional in the sense that it will not only make grass surface beautiful, but it will also help to trim trees and flowerbeds along the wall, gates, etc.

Keeping these simple reasons in mind, one can easily understand why professional services are required for paver patios and yard mowing.

Why do Landscaping?

It is another element to be discussed here. You must understand that a well-maintained and attractive lawn or yard gives beautiful attire to your whole home. Generally, when guests enter your home from the front gate, they pass through the lawn area, and if it is beautifully maintained with great landscaping, then it puts a great first impression on them. Your beautiful lawn and backyard is your style statement in so many ways. This aspect is even more important for the facilities, which are used for commercial and business purposes. If you have visitors, who are potential customers, and they enter into your property and see a beautiful and well-managed lawn having wonderful grass cutting, landscaping, and paver patios, then it will have your positive impression on them. They will be more impressed with your style statement.

However, one should also realize that landscaping is also a professional task to handle, and it should not be done by non-professionals. It is quite common that people try to maintain landscaping on their own, but it is not wise to do so. There are professionals for every task, so one should rely on professional services. A landscaping professional is more informed and expert in his work. He knows about all the tricks of the trade. The landscaping professional will know which plants and trees should be installed at a certain place, after examining its soil. They will also suggest plants and trees for you as per the weather conditions in your area. Few plants and trees are better for certain weather conditions. They also know how to identify places to plant these plants and trees to make your lawn attractive and stunning in its looks. They also have equipment, expertise, materials, and time to handle all relevant tasks. So, when you hire professional landscaping experts, you can stay tension free, as they will take care of everything.

Why to choose us for Paver Patios and Yard Mowing Services?

You may have a question in mind, why to choose professional services like ours to handle paver patios and yard mowing. Then you should know that we are one of the professional services working in these fields for so many years. We have served a variety of clients over a period of time, and we continue to do so with great commitment. Here are a few other reasons to choose us:

  • We have all the resources, expertise along with tools, which you need to get these jobs done in a most professional manner.
  • We have professionals and experts, who have great experience in their fields. We have a separate team for paver patios, and there is a separate team to handle yard mowing. Both teams are professional enough to handle tasks as effectively as possible. They are trained for both tasks and have served so many clients with great satisfaction and positive feedback.
  • We never compromise on quality. You may find us a bit expensive than others because there are companies offering services at cheap rates. But you should keep one thing in mind, which is quality. If a paver patio is done with low-quality material and if non-professionals will do it, then you are not going to get long-lasting performance. Soon, you will start observing various issues. So, we have made a commitment to our clients that we will ensure 100% quality in our work. We have given special instructions to our professional workers to keep quality on top of the priority list. So, they may take more time in handling these tasks, but they will always ensure 100% quality and satisfaction.
  • Our team has great training skills and expertise to communicate with you. They can listen to you to understand your requirements so that they can deliver the work accordingly.
  • Our workers are not only professional, but they are also friendly with our clients. They have been instructed to deal with clients in a polite and friendly manner. They know that their unfriendly and misbehaved behavior will not be tolerated in any terms.
  • The other great reason to choose us is that we will take care of both paver patios, yard, and lawn mowing. So, you don’t need to hire separate professional services for these tasks.
  • We also offer competitive and affordable pricing for our valuable customers, but still, we may sound expensive, because we have professional teams, who have state of the art equipment and material to ensure the best quality of work.
  • We also provide a guarantee of our work, and if you find anything faulty when we leave, you can contact us for the repair, and our team will instantly visit your place.

Contact Team Paradise today for all of your landscaping services and hardscape services today! Our goal is to make your sanctuary your home.

Hardscapes in Kent Island

Your Eastern Shore, Kent Island home is your sanctuary both inside and out. The outdoor living spaces are merely an extension of all the pleasures of home. You can make the most of what you have right in your own backyard with both hardscaping and landscaping combined.

Many times, homeowners on the Eastern Shore are not fully utilizing the pleasurable atmosphere of the garden when the Adirondack chairs and the wire-spool coffee table are just not cutting it. You can transform your outdoor living spaces into a haven while enhancing the home value at the same time with hardscaping.

Share Your Ideas with Us

Kent Island residents have the opportunity to meet with Team Paradise so we can show you how easily your dream project for a paradise all your own may be accomplished. Every one of our team members is dedicated to your project bringing their professionalism and reliability to produce the high-quality work of your dreams. Yes, we take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Whether you are facing a complete yard restoration or starting from scratch, at Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC., we do it all. You may have a landscape plan we can help you design. Maybe you have not considered all that can be achieved with the addition of a hardscape design to give your garden depth and dimension.

Envision an Enchanted Garden with Architectural Intrigue

Hardscaping is new to a lot of Stevensville residents when they have not yet seen what can be done with natural stone and pavers to produce breathtaking walkways, patios and pool decks. Make the journey around your pool and garden both attractive and safe with paver patios and walkways.

Adding water features to your garden or pool introduces the soothing element of water with its sound and movement. Eliminate the background noise and immerse yourself in the pleasing tranquility of water. Yes, we have much to show you.

Hardscapes provide an opportunity to turn retaining walls into decorative elements that also provide useful features such as lighting walkways. When the garden is designed in a way that coordinates the construction features with the existing architecture to draw the eye curiously into the yard, you have achieved the mystique that makes your yard a unique paradise.

Paver patios give us the ability to give you a waterproof surface while introducing a stunning pattern design. How about adding a stone fire pit to create a warm place for friends and family to gather? Stairs or steps, graduating stone veneer walls, front porch stone pavers with tumbled blue stone accents are just some ideas you can see at Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC.

Make Full Use of Your Square Footage

Make this the year you make an impact both on your home value and on your spot in the neighborhood. Extending the square footage of your lovely home to include the beauty of your outdoor living spaces gives you a chance to create outdoor rooms, if you will. Let us show how you can designate areas of your garden to facilitate your desired needs.

Paver patios and pool decks give you a way to dine al fresco and relax under the stars. Wood or stone retaining walls provide both privacy and structural integrity to support landscaping accents to make your perfect paradise. With both hardscaping and landscaping combined, you get to install all the elements that work together for a pleasing experience with nature.

Landscapes, which are the flowers, shrubs and trees you select, help tell your story. Hardscape design incorporates the landscape features as though they were meant to be together. Offering features that intrigue the eye while providing natural comfort not only increases your home value, but it also increases your personal enjoyment and satisfaction for being at home. Select your favorite plants or let us show you new ones that will expand your creativity.

With hardscaping and landscaping combined you achieve a harmonious effect. Hardscapes tend to be designed to interact with each other. This includes the addition of water features as the careful selection of the flora with the water attracts the fauna that participate in the tranquility of nature.

Being There is the Journey

The warm welcome your home provides with a stone or paver walkway that joins the driveway transforms a front entrance while drawing you into the home. Patios further invite guests warmly to those areas that make for a pleasant visit with good company.

Pathways need not have a destination. Sometimes it is enough to have them bordered by colorful plants for visual impact. Steps and terraced transitions add inspiration engaging the attention of visitors. With the different colors, shapes and sizes of natural stone, you can create any look you want to present an environment that is sure to make very fond memories.

Hardscaping Adds Longevity

Stonework has timeless appeal. The different materials available to create driveways, patios, pool decks, pathways, retaining walls, steps, terraces, fire pits and more complement all styles of architecture from traditional to modern.

Pavers are durable and will not crack due to the flexibility provided by the joints. Repairs are simplified because target areas can be specified without needing to replace an entire driveway, for example. Pavers also require less maintenance while they add a lifetime of value to your property.

Whether you are a resident of Annapolis, Kent Island, The Eastern Shore, Stevensville or the surrounding areas, Team Paradise is ready to take your call to help you discover your own personal paradise at home. Give us your ideas and let us show you some designs that get you closer to your bubble.

Times that have us staying at home are welcome moments when your home is your oasis. Our professionals at Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC. are equipped not only to show you how, but to show that we can manage it all as your dedicated team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your dreams into reality.

Depending on the season, we can get some heavy rains in Annapolis, Maryland. During these rainfall events, it becomes easier to see drainage issues around your yard and home. If left alone, these drainage problems can cause serious issues and can ultimately have a negative effect on your home value.

At Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC, we have seen and fixed every type of drainage problem that occurs in our area. Here is a short guide to help you recognize and fix common drainage problems that can occur.

How to Identify a Drainage Problem

The first step in fixing a drainage problem is to correctly identify that you have one. Then, you can begin evaluating drainage solutions for your property.

The easiest way to tell if you have a drainage problem is that you will have standing water on your property. This will most likely occur during and after rainfall. The standing water can occur anywhere but is commonly found in low points in your yard or up against your home.

Further evidence of a drainage problem can be: dead or dying landscaping plants, erosion, fungus, or mold growing on the side of your home. You can also identify a yard drainage problem if you walk on your lawn and it is squishy!

Common Causes of Drainage Problems

There are many reasons you can have a landscape drainage issue, but it all ultimately comes from the topography around your home and the design of your home. If the land is sloped down to your home or a low point in your yard, then you will get water flow in a rainfall event. More so, if your home is not designed to drain water properly, then you will also get water collecting around it.

In these cases, drainage solutions must be designed to prevent future problems.

Various hardcapes around your home can also contribute to a yard drainage problem. By definiton, hardscapes are surfaces that are impervious to water. They are commonly constructed of materials like cement or rock.

As a result, hardscape features like patios or walkways sheet water away, rather than absorbing it like soil does. If these features are not designed to drain properly, then they can commonly create a drainage issue. Team Paradise are experts in Annapolis hardscaping design, and can fix these issues when they occur.

What Happens if You Do Not Fix the Problem

If you have a drainage problem and choose not to fix it, then it can cost you greatly in the long term. Water collecting in and around your home can cause serious financial damage to your property.

Drainage problems can cause water to filter inside of your home and cause structural damage and mold. Drainage problems can kill lawn grasses and other expensive landscaping plants. Further, drainage problems can cause extensive erosion, which can cause cracks under your driveway, patio, or even the slab of your home.

In short, if you have a landscape drainage issue, then you need to correct the problem before it gets worse. If you think you have an extensive drainage issue, then you should consider consulting with a professional to evaluate it.

Hardscape Design

Hardscapes can add a great deal of value to your home and property. However, if your Annapolis hardscaping vendor did not consider drainage in their hardscape design, then you may be in for problems down the road.

Hardscaping features – like patios, walkways, boulders, or gravel- need to be built with drainage in mind. The design needs to factor in that these items do not absorb water. Water must be directed off of them into areas that are created to handle the flow.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be a great element of the hardscape design of your yard. These structures are most often used when there is a steep elevation change. The wall is built in part to prevent the erosion of soil that is caused by rain.

Retaining walls can be combined with yard drains to simultaneously solve erosion and water flow problems. When installed professionally, these walls are not only practical, but can be a beautiful addition to your landscaping.

French Drains

French drains are commonly used drains in residential and commercial properties. These drains usually consist of a trench with a perferorated pipe at the bottom. The trench is generally then filled with gravel or rock.

French drains run at a slightly downward slope, commonly away from a home or building. They use gravity to divert water away from an area.

Channel Drains

A channel drain is similar to a French drain in that it is contained within a trench. Channel drains usually are at the surface and have a grated top, however. They then channel water away from the surface into underground drainage lines.

Channel drains are commonly installed across driveways and in front of garage doors. Their design allows for a high level of water capture from impervious surfaces.


A commonly overlooked contributor to landscape drainage issues is roof water runoff. The roofs of houses and other buildings are impervious surfaces. Accordingly, rainwater sheets off of roofs typically into gutters.

Gutters collect rainwater and then drain it to the ground through downspouts. The water can then be drained into various types of yard drains.

However, problems may arise if you either have poorly placed downspouts or too few of them. This is why evaluating your roof drainage is important in analyzing your overall drainage solutions.

Irrigation Design

One last possible source of drainage issues is your watering system design. Poor sprinkler system design can lead to a number of drainage problems on your property.

Some examples of these drainage problems are: overwatering, poorly placed sprinkler heads, and broken water lines. Any of these problems can cause water to collect in areas of your property. If this is the case, then it is highly recommended you contact a landscape professional to correct the issue.

Your Local Experts

Drainage problems can cause serious problems for you and your property. As stated before, these problems can get worse over time and ultimately negatively affect your home value. More so, drainage problems do not always have simple or easy solutions.

Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC are professionals in landscaping and hardscaping in the greater Annapolis area. Contact us today for all of your drainage and irrigation solutions. Fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form below.

Maybe its time to upgrade your outdoor living spaces and you’re anxious to get started. You’ve planted a few of the soft materials but can quickly see that the hardscape design should be installed before progressing too far. At this moment you’re probably realizing that hardscaping is the backbone of your design while the beautiful plants and grass are the finishing touches. Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes can help you achieve this vision you have with walkways, water features, fire pits, pool decks, and patios surrounded by lush plants and blooms.

Team Paradise has a ton of experience in combing the perfect blend of hardscaping and landscaping to create a gorgeous finished product that will not only beautify your landscape but increase your property value.

Annapolis Hardscapes

Our satisfied customers can be found in many cities and towns in Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas. We know how to take direction as well as offer a creative and educated insight to bring the best solution possible for your paver patios, walkways, water features, fire pits and the like.

Need an outdoor living space to take advantage of our long summers and cool falls? Is fresh air your thing? No problem. Every home is as uniques as our own home. Outdoor living spaces such as kitchens and living areas are always fun and handy, especially if you have kids or a large family or need to host a party! It’s easier to clean up an outside mess and eases the wear and tear of your home interior.

The possibilities are limitless. You can truly create most any type of outside room these days. Most electronics compatible with outdoor living, so it’s pretty easy to have a full-blown hook up with surround sound speakers and television.

Beds of small trees or flowering shrubs make a stunning wall that can offer privacy and sound reduction. Then add a little panache with a customized paver patio flooring and boom, you’re stying.

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We’re want to help you build your dream home to create lasting memories in. Call us today or fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form to get started.

Hardscaping and Landscaping Combined

Softscapes and hardscaping combined, create the mood and overall theme for your outdoor living space. Hardscapes are permanent structures in the yard, like pergolas, retaining walls or water features, driveways, walkways, and paver patios and pool decks, as an example. Hardscape designs are located throughout the landscape in various areas.

Softscapes are the plants and other organic materials that fill in the rest of the yard to create the ambiance. These materials include shrubs and trees, flowering plants, vines, and grasses and the like. Ask Team Paradise about which planting time is best for your landscape goals.

Don’t let your landscape be neglected. The whole package adds to the value of your home and property value. Not to mention, it’s a natural extension of your living space and who doesn’t love a little more space? Team Paradise knows how to create perfect harmony between your home’s interior and exterior spaces.

More On Outdoor Additions

Stone and wood are common materials for permanent structures in outdoor landscapes. Our highly skilled professionals know how to handle these materials. Call us today to get started.

Our specialties include:

  • Paver Patios
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Retaining Walls
  • Porches
  • Decks
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Other paver installations
  • Natural Stone

We can make your outdoor spaces a little more friendly in the fall by adding a fireplace, fire-pit or patio heater. These additions are perfect for tailgate parties and other evening functions. Go Ravens! Whatever it is you can think of, pool decks, an outdoor kitchen or living room hideaway with lots of privacy, an outdoor office, a dramatic lush landscape with large boulders and rock garden elements or simply a nice cut yard and beautiful flower beds… Team Paradise had you covered!

All we need to know is what you’re thinking about. That’s how we bring the dream to life. There are a few things you can do to help your goal come to fruition…

Things to Consider

Write it down on paper. Make lists and maybe sketch out a few designs. We realize that most of you are probably not artists, but even the most simple sketch can help us get on the same page as you quickly.

No time for that? Contact us! Even if you’re not quite ready to start yet, fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form and let’s get a Team Paradise member over to your home to discuss what you’re thinking about.

The sooner you get moving, the sooner we can get you scheduled. You’ll be enjoying your new outdoor living space in no time!

One of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to beautifying your landscape design is usually the lighting. So much of your time, money and energy is dedicated to just maintaining your yard and landscape, we can help there too! So usually by the time it comes around to lighting, it’s last on the list and most likely neglected. Most people stick to very basic options instead of thinking outside the box to jazz up or dial down your entire space. When you live in Annapolis, MD the seasons are mild enough to use your outdoor living space consistently with a few modifications here and there. Paradise Landscape and Hardscape can help you extend your sanctuary outside and add value to your home while making it look stunning. There are a lot of benefits associated with landscape lights that range from increased usability of your outdoor space to better security — landscape lights will make your yard even better.

Choosing the perfect type of home lighting, however, is not as easy as you may think. There are so many options on the market for ambient lighting that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, which can make it easy to go with the most simple solution.  Team Paradise can help you navigate the waters and help you design your space perfectly. We have decades of experience in the landscape design industry that can help find the perfect solution for all of your concerns and questions.  We understand you need options. Paradise Landscape and Hardscape offers a variety of options for our customers to choose from depending upon what you need. A few types of lighting ideas and services we offer are listed below:

LED Lighting

LED lighting can completely transform the look of your landscape drastically! Fortunately, when you hire Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, we bring years of experience to help you create your space and take the stress out of the entire process. When it comes to using lights in design, we consider a few areas: spotlights to highlight features such as garden and plant features, floodlights to for larger areas like walls and trees, and pathway lights to highlight outdoor walkways, paths, patios and pools. Team Paradise can install LED lights to create a beautiful landscape with added safety features.

Holiday Lighting

Tis’ the seasons with any type of holiday lighting that you can imagine! Whether it’s Christmas, Hannakak, Easter, the Fourth of July, Graduation, Retirement or a Wedding… holiday lighting is the way to go. After all, nothing says home like beautiful holiday lighting all around the house. But getting this done is another story and can be quite exhausting just thinking about it. No worries, Paradise Landscape and Hardscape to the rescue. We offer all kinds of lighting services to our customers so they can stress less and leave the celebration details to us.  We will make your home look warm, welcoming and festive for any holiday event you can imagine. Team Paradise believes that you shouldn’t discard decorating your house with holiday lighting off the list just because it looks tiring. That is what we’re here for.

Decorative Lighting

Need a little flair? No problem. This type of lighting is great for parties. It doesn’t matter what kind of party you are throwing, something small for your close friends or something huge with all the gang, party lighting would make your house look more inviting. That is why Team Paradise offers different kinds of decorative lighting for every occasion imaginable. Whether you want to keep it low-key or want everyone to know what kind of a party you are throwing, we will get you to the end game you’re looking for.

Ambient Lighting

TURN ON THE MOOD with ambient lighting general lighting. This type of home lighting serves as the primary source of light for a certain room and sets the tone for the foundation of all the lighting of a room. Aside from the basic lighting functionality, the ambient lighting improves the sense of warmth and depth of a room or space. It works to provide a comfortable level of illumination without too much glare. This allows you to navigate an entire room safely too. A central source of it for every room is essential to achieve an excellent lighting plan. A perfect source needs a strategy in choosing which lights to use and in what area or part of the room to place it Whether you want to install a contemporary pendant light fitting, ceiling downlights or pathway lights, we have you covered.

Tree and Pathway Lighting

We love this kind of lighting because it infuses itself with the natural outdoors and really shows off the nature around your home. Bathing your home in a welcoming glow using tree and pathway lighting is one of the most effective ways to use these lights. Tree and Pathway lights improve curb appeal and offer security parameters. These designs are often used with other landscape lights to give your house a dazzling appeal after the sun goes down. We can help boost the value of your home and appeal with any type of lighting.

Benefits of installing lights in your outdoor living space:

So those a few ideas around how you can use lights around your home. Let’s talk about why you might want to add lights to your home:


Your living room doesn’t have to be the only place where your family and friends spend quality time. Your patio and backyard can also be used for any event you can think of and to extend the living space outside. In fact, if you have well-illuminated ambient lighted patios and backyards, most likely your get-togethers would be spent outside versus inside.  Dinners, games and alone time… the perfect lighting can add a lot of mood.


When you have lighted home and property, it helps deter the chances of vandalism and burglary. Criminals have nowhere to hide in the lights.  When you install lights at key entrance points like doors, windows and the perimeter of your house, it will make it difficult for anyone to break in unnoticed. When it comes to choosing spots to install the lights, call Paradise Landscape and Hardscape. We’ll help you decide the perfect place to install lights and their features.


No matter the size of your house, landscape lighting will only enhance the value of your home while adding personality and security. While any addition to your outdoor living space is going to result in increased property value, outdoor lighting will help you get the most bang for your buck… a study showed that 41% of potential buyers see outdoor lights and living spaces as an essential quality for the home they are considering. Clearly outdoor lighting plays a role in the decision-making process when purchasing a home. Paradise Landscape and Hardscape offers many ideas and solutions to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for in Annapolis, MD.

Outdoor Décor

Lastly, outdoor lighting when done right, shows off your home, your style and everything that you’ve worked so hard for.  These days, there are a ton of furniture pieces, patio style, pool fixtures and walkway lights that add a ton of decor. If you can dream it up in your imagination, Team Paradise can make it happen. Give us a call today so we can help you make the absolute best impression in your neighborhood! You name it – we do it. Let us help streamline your life and reduce your stress in Annapolis, MD by consolidating your multiple vendors for these services into one company. Mahalo! We look forward to meeting you and helping you build your own slice of paradise!

Let Us Design Your Outdoor Living Space!

With winter just around the corner, people in Annapolis, MD, have already started thinking of designing their patios and hardscapes. Designing patios and hardscapes do not only add value to the house, but also increase the beauty of it. People like to spend their chilly evenings drinking coffee with their loved ones or reading their favorite book. While this may sound serene and calm, the thing about designing both of these things is that it can be pretty exhausting. Especially if you don’t know how to design them. Fortunately for you, that’s where we come in.

Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC is proud to be serving in the area of Annapolis, MD. Team Paradise has been offering its professional lawn care services for a lot of years now. It is precisely due to our years of experience that we have been able to give customers exactly what they want. Team Paradise understands that it can be very hard to take out time to manage your lawn. That is why we offer top quality services so our customers can enjoy their time off while we do the hard work for them. Following is the list of services we offer:

Hardscape Design and Installation:

From the installation of patios to retaining walls, there isn’t something we aren’t capable of doing. We also offer a large variety of materials- be it paver patios to flagstone or bricks to fieldstone- Team Paradise should be your top priority when it comes to looking for excellent designing services. You can rest assured, we leave no stone unturned in giving our customers the best hardscaping designing services. That is why we use top-quality materials that are not only durable but would also look beautiful when added to your lawn.

Imagine the back yard of your house in Annapolis, MD. It has a new paver patio, surrounded by beautiful flowers that are blooming all year long. Your yard is enclosed with retaining walls surrounded by trees, which gives you a little paradise on your own property. This would not be your imagination anymore should you choose Paradise Landscape and Hardscape LLC for our designing services. Moreover, this backyard installment would require almost zero maintenance. Get the job done once upfront and then enjoy a beautiful backyard with years to come.

Hardscapes designing project ideas:

• Walls
• Nooks
• Outdoor grills
• Benches
• Fire pits
• Fences
• Patios

Patio Design and Construction:

Whenever people hear the word landscape, the things they start thinking about are lawn, trees, and shrugs. While no doubt, these things do play a major part in designing your landscape, but there are other things as well, which are equally important — inviting patios, strong pillars, and other beautiful yet functional features. There are the elements of a luxurious hardscape that complements your overall outdoor living spaces, enhance curb appeal, and add the missing factor to your landscape.

Team Paradise strives to create the best possible outdoor living spaces for you. We construct stunning patios and amazing hardscape designs, especially for you, just as you want them to look like. If you have a design in mind, we will work on that. If you would like to choose from one of our patio design, you are most welcome to do so. Throughout the construction process, we would be using high-quality materials, and we would be working with you to construct a patio space that is functional yet aesthetically pleasing for you. Most importantly, we would be constructing one that would require absolutely minimum maintenance.

Our team will work with you to determine the material choices you need. Whether you want to use bluestone, pavestone, or any other kind of stone, we would be providing you with them so it can match the overall look of your house. Additional patio services include:

• Outdoor lighting
• Outdoor kitchens
• Steps
• Retaining walls
• Seating walls
• Outdoor fireplaces

Advantages of hardscaping services:

Now that you have had a look at some of the services we offer, let’s have a look at some of the benefits you will get from hardscaping services:

It adds value to your property:

It can increase the value of your property when you want to sell it. Money Magazine, after conducting a study, found out that good landscaping services can enhance the value of your house by as much as 200%. Moreover, 60% of the people who are looking to purchase a new house say that how good the outdoor living spaces of a house plays a major role in their decision.

You can expand your living space:

If you have kids or pets, you must know it is almost impossible to keep them cooped up in the house for a long time. But you cannot allow them to go outside and play on the streets with all the traffic running around. That’s why you need a space where the kids and the pets get to experience some outdoor time while they are within the safe boundaries of your house.

Direct foot traffic:

You spend a lot of your hard-earned money on hardscaping. Having a beautiful backyard is bound to be the main attraction for guests visiting your home. You can use walkways, landscaping beds, stone paths, and edging to carefully direct the foot traffic so the guests don’t step where they shouldn’t have to. Moreover, for security purposes, you can use fences, stone boundaries, and courtyard walls to alert neighbors that they are trespassing.

It creates shade:

Stone or brick walls, patios, and other such elements are an excellent way to block the harmful rays coming from the sun. Such rays are not only detrimental to human skin but also furniture. But when you produce shade in a natural and comfortable way, you make your outdoor living space enjoyable and pleasant, not just for yourself, but anyone who’s visiting your house. It would also create privacy for you so you can enjoy your time without the noise coming from the streets.

Advantages of pavers:

One of the most widely and commonly used products in hardscaping today has to be paver patios. Although they come in different shapes and sizes, most of them are generally thick. They are manufactured from molded, compressed concrete. They happen to be very dense and are 3 to 4 times stronger than average concrete surfaces. Since they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures, they remain one of the most popular products in hardscaping.

Team Paradise understands how some people work so hard throughout their lives so that they can live a peaceful life with their loved ones in a wonderful house. And nothing speaks wonderful more than owning a beautiful backyard. Everyone wishes to wake up to beautiful rays of sunshine and the pleasant fragrance of flowers. With Paradise Landscape and Hardscape LLC, this dream can become a reality. So call us today to book our professional lawn care services and take the first step towards owning a dream house with a spectacular backyard.