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Grass Cutting & Mowing Services

The American Dream has always included having a beautiful, green and perfectly manicured lawn. In fact, nothing can quite complement a beautiful home more than an equally beautiful lawn. The two go hand in hand, which makes your lawn a crucial part of your home’s first impression to your neighbors, friends and family. Let us help you “show off” this important aspect of your living space!

Paradise Landscape & Hardscape, LLC was built on our grass cutting service over 10 years ago in Annapolis, MD – suffice to say, it’s our legacy and we’ve definitely got you covered! Don’t let and overgrown, neglected yard make your property an eyesore! We know that mowing the lawn in Annapolis can be a tedious, if not overwhelming, task for most families these days. Busy schedules with work and kids have most of us strapped for free time during the week. Let us do the dirty work for you – it’s what we do best anyway, and in the process, we’ll free up a little of your time and reduce your stress. Our professional lawn mowing services are offered all year round, so why not start today?

Below are just a few of the things we can help you out with:

• Weekly lawn maintenance services (we know it’s hard work to maintain a beautiful yard)
• Customized fertilization programs (we’ll make sure your lawn is thick and lush – not patchy)
• Professional lawn aeration
• Seeding & thatching services
• Sod installation

Additionally, Team Paradise also specializes in complete lawn restoration services. We can turn any old, abandoned lawn into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind eye catching yard that will not only add value to your home but give you a sense of feeling proud as well! Paradise Landscape & Hardscape, LLC knows how to make your lawn lush and vibrant. Give us a try and call us today to get started! We’re betting once you try our legacy lawn cutting services, you’ll diversify and be back for more!

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