The Importance of Lawn Care

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Summer is here, meaning lawn mowing season is in full effect. As a homeowner, do you know the importance of lawn care? Mowing your yard is essential for lawn maintenance services and helps keep up with the appeal of your lovely home. Mowing your lawn also helps keep your yard healthy and free of annoying pests that can invade your yard during the Spring months. Lawn mowing also helps ensure that your yard stays free of debris and maintains it in good shape. Homeowners in Annapolis, MD, and surrounding areas know they experience a mid-latitude climate. If you live in Annapolis, you know we have incredibly humid summers, crisp but rainy falls, reasonably mild winters, and beautiful springs. Paradise Landscapes and Hardscapes understands the importance of lawn care and will build green lawns in the Annapolis, Arnold, Severna Park, and Anne Arundel County, MD area in no time.

Here are some lawn care tips that will get your yard in shape for the summer pool party and BBQ season:

Benefits of Keeping A Manicured Lawn

Many benefits come from maintaining your lawn mowing services for spring cleanup; they range from appearance to overall health. One primary advantage to cutting your grass is that grass clippings provide natural fertilizer to your home’s lawn. Fertilizer contributes significantly to the overall appearance of your home and the health of your grass. A good mowing and grass that is an equal height looks prettier and can even appear greener, most likely due to the yard’s equal amount of sun and water. A good cut helps nutrients permeate the ground evenly. Healthy grass multiplies and thrives when cut correctly.

Tips For Mowing Your Lawn

There are many ways to mow your lawn, so pick a method that suits your ability to cut the grass consistently and then consider these best practices:

  • find out what type of grass you have
  • cut off one-third of the initial length
  • let your shaded yard parts have longer grass
  • alternate your grass mowing pattern
  • mow your lawn in the morning or the evening

If you’re not up to the task or want to enjoy your summer without the hassle of mowing your lawn, hire the pros at Paradise Landscapes and Hardscapes.