What Are Drainage Swales?

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How Do Drainage Swales Improve Water Quality? So what exactly are drainage swales and how do they work? Drainage swales are low-lying areas that allow water to drain into the soil. They can are a method for storm-water management and erosion control. As runoff flows across the land, it gathers up sediment and debris. This diminishes its effectiveness to soak into the ground. By creating swales, you intercept this runoff before it has a chance to become a small pond in your yard.

Thunderstorms, flash flooding, and tropical storms regularly rattle Annapolis Maryland… especially during the spring months. All which pose a hazard to homeowners, including washout, land erosion, and waterborne pollutants. If you live in Maryland and want to safeguard your house, consider installing a drainage swale. This will divert runoff and cut pollutants.

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This article will shed a little light on drainage swales’ design and benefits.

What are Drainage Swales?

Drainage swales, sometimes known as dry creek beds, are shallow ditches covered with vegetation or stones. These are designed to capture and redirect runoff towards a suitable outlet. Swales that can’t develop grass or plants should be lined with pebbles. The weight of the larger the quantity of water flowing through the swale.

Swales drain water from the soil and prevent washout. They keep lawns looking good and protect landscape features. As a result, the prevent dead zones from forming. Swales can also improve runoff water quality.

So, we must design drainage swales in order for them to operate effectively. To function properly, their filtration properties also need set-up.

Benefits of Drainage Swales

1.   Use your land’s natural features. “Natural features” refers to the characteristics of a property’s environment, such as hills and rocks. We build drainage swales out of natural features in most cases. Our team will assess your yard and look for the most natural slopes and depressions. Then we will check out the vegetation around the target region to see if it is conducive. If not, we will figure out what kind of rocks or cobblestones need to be purchased.

2.   A Practical and effective method for controlling yard water issues. 
Drainage swales are popular because of their effectiveness. When done right, swales transform mucky yards into beautiful and dry environments. They’re also a practical kind of runoff drainage solution. Why? There don’t need any special upkeep or industrial equipment.

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3.   Useful in preventing runoff and erosion to your landscape. As mentioned earlier, rainwater erodes. When it does this, it carries pollutants with it wherever it goes. This is where the problems come in. This is how rainwater accumulates around the foundation of your house. When this happens, it can leak into you basement and be expensive to fix. Annapolis sees a ton of flash flooding and washouts. Swales, prevent rainfall from collecting by keeping stormwater runoff away. It is a great idea to get ahead of these issues before they become problems.

4.   Add a little curb appeal. 
Why not make your drainage swale more than functional? Drainage swales have a beautiful, rustic look when designed correctly. Furthermore, ditches and stones are as natural as trees and hills. There are usually zero synthetic components required. Pretty much 100% Au-natural.

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5.   Improve water quality. 
The most surprising benefit of drainage swales is that they improve water quality. So, it is important to chose an experienced company like Paradise install your drainage swale. We know how to design with this function in min.

How Drainage Swales Improve Water Quality

It’s important to distinguish between drainage swales and rain gardens. Although the latter also retains runoff, it does so by keeping the water in place. Drainage swales move water from one location to another.

Swales are different in that they move water. When you move water it carried pollutants and separates sediments. Vegetated swales appear to filter out pollutants effectively.

We understand that you and other homeowners in Annapolis can’t control mother nature. But, we also know you can influence water’s behavior on your property. We can help you do this. We are lawn care experts in Annapolis and provide many drainage solution options. Team Paradise is a full service landscape design company and your one-stop shop for drainage installations.

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