How Do I Fix Bad Drainage In My Yard

Yard Drainage Solutions in Annapolis Maryland

Excess Rain And Yard Drainage Solutions

Does an excessive amount of rain cause drainage problems in your yard? We can help. We are Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC and we have been providing very effective solutions for home with drainage problems in Annapolis, Maryland and the years. Team Paradise can show you a number of proven ways we can quickly and affordably solve your yard drainage problem before it leads to damage in your basement or foundation. We can repair and upgrade your current drainage system or install a new one that’s right for your needs. Call us today and let us solve your drainage problem and protect your home.

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When the hardscape design of your yard prevents it from draining properly, you are at risk for water flooding into your basement and weakening your foundation every time it rains. Plus, having your yard flooded with standing water will kill all of your grass,
plants, flowers and trees and leave your yard a soggy mess. If the problem isn’t dealtwith right away, it can cause serious damage to your home’s foundation and walls that require expensive repairs. The dampness can invite mold and mildew and make being in
your home dangerous and unhealthy. Plus, it can make the value of your home plummet.

How We Can Help

There are a number of methods we can use to solve the drainage problem in your yard. We start by doing a thorough assessment of your yard to identify the source of your drainage issue. Once we determine whether it’s the natural slope of your property, the
hardscape design, an issue it not being properly irrigated or the need for some other type of drainage solution. We make you aware of your options and make recommendations about what we think will work best. We will also show you examples of how each option looks and functions and their cost and give you the chance to pick the one you prefer.

Yard Drainage Solutions

We are Annapolis hardscaping experts and can offer you a wide range of very effective drainage solutions for channeling excess water away from your home and out your yard. Some of the landscape drainage options we offer include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Yard Drains
  • Channel Drains
  • French Drains
  • Drainage Ditches
  • Downspouts Piping
  • Irrigation Systems

As experienced Annapolis hardscaping and landscaping professionals, these are just some of the landscape drainage options we have successfully used to provide a many customers with effective, affordable Annapolis drainage solutions. We have earned a reputation for being able to solve even the most complex and vexing drainage problems homes in the Greater Annapolis areas.

Annapolis Landscape Drainage Solutions

To understand the benefits of the different methods for draining excess water from your yard and the landscape around your home, lets take a close look at each one.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can help to control the flow of excess water on your property, keep it away from your basement and foundation and help to prevent soil erosion and damage to your property caused by runoff.

Yard Drains

A yard drain, also known as a landscape drain or an area drain, is a landscape feature which can be used to channel excess water from gutters on the roof and the downspout, away from the home’s foundation.

Channel Drains

A channel drain or trench drain collects excess water and runoff in a well-designed underground drainage system and disperses it over a large area away from the foundation of people’s houses to prevent the water from weakening and wreaking havoc on the home.

French Drains

French drains, filter drains or perimeter drains are trenches that are filled with rock or gravel or containing perforated pipe. They are used to redirect excess surface or ground water away from homes to prevent it from penetrating and damaging foundations, walls, basements or other parts of the building.

Drainage Ditches

Drainage ditches create a pathway or avenue for water to flow away from a home or yard to prevent excess water from collecting around the house, saturating the yard and then seeping into the foundation and walls of your home. The ditches help prevent excess water from seeping into the walls, weakening them and making it damp enough for mold and mildew to grow.


Downspouts are vertical, pipe-like devices that are connected to your home’s gutters. They redirect water down the sides of your home and divert it safely away from roofs, walls and foundations to a designated drainage area. How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? The downspout can prevent hundreds of gallons of water a heavy shower produces from cascading down into the foundation and flooding your basement and causing structural damage.

Irrigation Systems

These systems sometimes employ a crushed rock base that prevents waste water from backing up and flooding yards, basements and foundations by giving the excess water a safe place to go. By making the water flow into the crushed rock channels, the systems
protect your home by preventing rain and waste water from oversaturating your yard.

Why Call Team Paradise?

Our team at Paradise Landscape And Hardscape, LLC has been providing homeowners in many parts of Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding areas with fast, easy, very efficient, effective solutions for safely removing excess water from poor drainage areas in their yards and preventing it from damaging vulnerable structures on their property for many years. How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? We understand the unique landscape drainage challenges homes in the Annapolis area face and can install the appropriate drainage systems to properly address any of the common drainage and excess waste water problems that plague their homes and yards.

The Right Annapolis Drainage Solutions

How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? You don’t. Let us. At Paradise Landscape And Hardscape, we have the tools, equipment, specially trained staff, knowledge, experience and expertise to give homeowners with the right Annapolis drainage solutions for their needs. We can make their hardscapes, patios, gardens and their entire property safe from the excess water nature sometimes drops on properties in the Annapolis area. If improper drainage makes it near impossible for you to be able to enjoy your hardscapes, basements, patios and gardens, call us today. We can provide the right solution to your drainage problem and increase your home value.

Contact Us Today For Your Irrigation Solutions

How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? We have a number of excellent drainage systems we can use to make sure your yard is properly irrigated. If your home value, safety and comfort are important to you, then contact us today and we can provide you with a wide array of effective options for the drainage methods and systems from which you can choose to ensure your property is welly irrigated. The longer you wait to contact us to help you better irrigate your yard, the greater the amount of damage that excess water can do to your home’s foundation, walls and basement. Given enough time, excess water can infiltrate your home and destroy it.

Effective Yard Drainage

We can enhance your hardscape design to create more effective yard drainage and help to
make your home value go up significantly through the use of French and channel drains and other types of yard drains. We have an array of effective drainage options that can make your Annapolis hardscaping look amazing and using your basement, patios, walkways and driveways safer. No matter what type of hardscapes you have, we can work around them or make adjustments to them to improve the drainage systems on your property.

Call us today so we can quickly and effectively solve any drainage problem you have.

Quality Service

One reason Annapolis homeowners regularly turn to us for help with drainage problems they have on their properties is because we consistently provide quality service. We make sure our workmanship is impeccable and we deliver the quality services Annapolis homeowners want and need. Our focus is always on providing the ideal solution to your drainage problem. We use the best tools, equipment, techniques and methods to solve the drainage problems our customers have once and for all. Our high quality drainage repair services regularly receive rave reviews.

Affordable Prices

Homeowners in Annapolis and surrounding communities also love our affordable prices. We know local residents can only benefit from our drainage improvement services if they are offered at prices they can afford. Our low prices mean any Annapolis area home that needs the drainage repair services we provide can afford it. How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? Homeowners are pleasantly surprised when they hear the prices we charge for the drainage work they need done. We believe price should not be a barrier preventing our neighbors from getting the service they need to prevent excess water from damaging their home.

We Stand Behind Our Work

At Paradise Landscaping and Hardscaping, LLC we stand behind our work. We believe the job is not completed until the drainage problem has been solved and our customers are satisfied with the job we have done. We go over the improvements we have made to the drainage system with every customer and encourage them to call us if they have any type of problem with the work we have done. We offer warranties and guarantees on all of the materials we use and the workmanship and expertise of Team Paradise. We take pride in knowing every customer is confident that we will always stand behind the work we do.