Terracotta Is The Color of The Year

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Terracotta looks like it will be the year’s color in our gardens! This rich, earthy hue is perfect for creating warm and inviting spaces. Here are some ways to use Terracotta in your home to create an on-trend look! We love orange and are stoked that Terracotta is the color of the year.

Terracotta pots have been a staple in gardens for many years due to their practicality and versatility. This year, garden trends incorporate the medium of Terracotta and its warm hue into new, inventive ways to make any outdoor space stand out from the rest.

Where does Terracotta come from?

Terracotta is a warm, natural hue that comes from the earth. Its name is derived from Italian and translates to ‘baked clay,’ representing its origin. The reddish-brown color has been used for thousands of years in pottery and sculptures and has been coveted recently by interior design lovers as a cozy neutral. Terracotta can be used in its purest form to create bold statements with pops of color or discreetly combined with other neutrals to create works of art in the home.

Astonishingly, orange had a name in Europe in the 16th century! Historically, the color orange was referred to as yellow-red or saffron. However, when Portuguese merchants introduced the first Asian citrus trees to Europe, this hue went by a new name – ‘orange.’

Orange is a vivid hue with an array of religious and cultural implications. In Confucianism, it symbolizes transformation; in Buddhism, perfection and enlightenment; in Hinduism, the attire of Krishna. Moreover, orange evokes excitement, warmth, and joy in Western culture. Indeed, orange has been deeply engrained throughout history!

Groovy, Baby

The 1960s, a decade of transformation and joyousness, epitomized by the vibrant and psychedelic hue adorned several cultural movements. From counterculture to free love, these colors served as more than just an aesthetic but also a symbol of peace and liberation. In the ’70s, aesthetics shifted from psychedelic to natural Acid Orange and beautiful terra cotta that we still observe today. During this era, earth tones prevailed as the “earth movement” started in 1970 with Earth Day.

So how will you incorporate Terracotta into outdoor living spaces this year?

The possibilities are endless when selecting plants and accessories for your store to reflect the year’s color! Get creative, be daring, and think outside of the box.

Call us today if you need help choosing plants with radiant and eye-catching terracotta hues that provide season-long beauty to your landscape! 

Find timeless designs in new, stylish containers that appeal to every age group. These indoor and outdoor containers provide the perfect blend of form & function! Enjoy peace of mind knowing each container is made with unwavering quality and exceptional strength – crafted by hand to last a lifetime. Due to their practicality and affordability, terracotta pots have been an enduring choice for gardeners, yet this year has seen a resurgence of these earthy hues in new, innovative ways. You can be sure of statement pieces to warm up any space with the color terracotta.