What to Pay for Lawn Mowing Services?

Grass mowing services in Annapolis

A beautiful lawn sets the tone for an attractive home and gorgeous property. It also requires consistent dedication and commitment. If you’re concerned about the cost of lawn care, give us call. We will be happy to walk through all the options involved. This article will help you determine if hiring a landscaping company is the right choice for you. According to Homeadvisor, lawn care will cost anywhere from $48 to $208 weekly. The average cost is about $126. So, what to pay for lawn mowing services?

In Anne Arundel county, lawn mowing services cost anywhere from $35 to $750 per week. The typical lawn mowing costs range in Annapolis from $47-$253 with the average costing around $148. The hourly rate is anywhere from $25 to $60. The flat rate is $30-$80 a week.

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Our lawn mowing services rate ranges from $25-$75 per week.

So what to pay for lawn mowing services in Annapolis? It varies. What are some factors factors that determine these prices? Lawn mowing services price fluctuations depend on:

  • the size of the yard
  • the frequency of mowing
  • the services included
  • labor
  • lawn features such as fences, trees, playground equipment and more
  • grass length

Lawn mowing is a great starting point, but many of our homeowner customers want fertilizing, weeding, mulching, yard cleaning, and other maintenance services, such as aeration and irrigation. Those types of lawn care services run a little higher than basic mowing, again depending on yard size and other factors. If your yard has fences, trees, children’s play equipment, or other obstructions, the cost will rise accordingly.

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What about other landscaping services for your yard? We offer trimming, dethatching, weed control, leaf removal, watering, and fertilizing in addition to simple lawn mowing. These factors also influence the final package price.

How often do you need to cut you grass? That’s a great question. It’s also something determined during our free consultation for your lawn care services in Annapolis. Maintaining a regular lawn care schedule will help to keep your grass looking healthy for years to come. However, if you don’t maintain your yard regularly, prices can vary and sometimes end up costing more than regular lawn care maintenance.

Is there one set price for all yard services in Annapolis?

No. The short story is that one size does not fit all when it comes to lawn care prices. If you have a little lawn, it will cost less to mow than an acreage. If your yard is enclosed, if you have a big patio or long sidewalk that must be trimmed, if the ground is rough, or if you have playground equipment or lawn furniture, the longer time and work required to maintain your property.

Consider lawn mowing services a great starting point. Annual or semiannual services such as leaf removal, aeration, tree pruning, and winterization go above and beyond the basics. These popular services fall into our landscaping services and run the gamut on frequency. Some of our homeowner customers keep very tight upkeep schedules while other prefer a more relaxed timeline.

Edging, Fertilizing and Aeration Yard Services in Annapolis, MD

Edging is a popular landscaping technique that uses brick, concrete blocks, natural stone, wood, or even PVC plastic to create an eye-catching demarcation between plantings and help keep weeds and grass out of them. It may also be known as landscape curbing.

Fertilizing is important for keeping a lawn healthy, green, lush, and thick. There are several types of fertilizers to choose from: liquid or granules, fast- or slow-release, organic or manufactured.

Aeration may improve the efficacy of fertilization, as well as the general health of your yard. Aerating a process where we poke holes in the soil with a tool to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots and stimulate better development. Spring is typically when this treatment is done. Proper aeration can also enable effective pest control treatments.

Tree Trimming Services in Annapolis, MD

A little tree pruning is occasionally required for beautiful, disease-free trees that don’t infringe on your home or other structures. The price varies depending on a variety of elements, including size, quantity, accessibility, health (rot, sickness, and pests can make tree trimming more hazardous), and proximity to power lines.

Weeding Services in Annapolis, MD

The cost of weed control varies depending on the size of your yard, the amount of weeds in it, and whether a one-time treatment is sufficient or if your yard needs continuing maintenance. Dandelions and crabgrass are not dangerous, but some weeds, such as chickweed and creeping Charlie are poisonous.

Lawn Seeding Services in Annapolis, MD

Seeding a new lawn is less expensive than reseeding an existing lawn (replacement). Why? Because reseeding an existing lawn involves other factors. We need to remove old sod, rototill the ground, and amend the soil before planting. Patch seeding (renovation) is less expensive. Renovation is cheaper because it targets small areas where the grass is thin, damaged, or nonexistent.

Leaf Removal Services in Annapolis, MD

It’s fine to mulch some leaves with a lawn mower to fertilize the grass, although big heaps of leaves are more commonly raked and bagged. But at the end of fall it’s time to call Team Paradise to remove those big piles of leaves. Piles of leaves left on the yard over the winter might develop patchy dead areas or mold. This will cause a host of issues and problems. Our leaf removal services in Annapolis are a great way to keep your lawn healthy.

Landscaping Services in Annapolis, MD

Landscaping services may increase the value of your home by adding to its curb appeal. The options are endless and usually determined by home goals and budget. These services can be basic flower bed mulching to planting trees and shrubs. These services can also roll into Hardscaping Services in Annapolis, MD which include patio pavers, walkways, landscape lighting, pool decks and alot more!

Spring and Fall Yard Cleanups in Annapolis, MD

Spring and fall yard cleanup services are similar. Trimming and removing dead, decaying, and dying branches, pruning back old blooms and shrubs, and eliminating bald patches in the grass are some of the tasks that both do. Both seasonal services strive for the same goals. The both produce a healthy, attractive yard. One advantage of hiring lawn care specialists like us is that we can tell which plants should be trimmed or replanted.

Are you wondering if you should turn on your green thumb?

Oh boy, that depends. There are a number of things to consider. There might be a variety of reasons for hiring an expert at Paradise Landscape and Hardscape. For example, a property that is being sold may require some minor additional maintenance that you cannot perform. Physical labor or lacking the skills to complete some tasks could also be issues for the homeowner. Here are a few things to think about when making a decision.

Time Saved: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American homeowners spend an annual average of upwards of 60 hours doing yard work. Not everyone has that kind of time—or the necessary green thumb. Hiring a lawn care specialist in Annpolis, MD like us gives the homeowner more freedom and time to devote to other activities. This way they can still have a beautiful yard.

Money Saved: Many times it can be less expensive to hire expert landscaping professionals like us to maintain your grass. We simply know what we are doing and we offer competitive pricing to fit your budget, especially with contract work.

Expert Care: 4 of every 10 Americans hire lawn care or landscaping service professionals. It’s simple. We have the experience and knowledge to turn your lawn and home into you own personal paradise. When done right and with pride, proficiency and the right tools, we can can save you money by achieving your desired results more quickly. We understand planting zones and climate. We know native plant varieties. And our experience ensures that we can recognize a problem right away. We also have the means to resolve that too.

Curb Appeal: You’ve heard it before, first impressions are everything. That’s true. They are also a critical part when trying to sell your home. Curb appeal is vital. It’s the first impression a potential buy has when they visit your home. Good curb appeal can help with a faster sale for more money because it increases your home’s property value and beauty. An attractive environment acts as an invitation to enter. A well-kept lawn, strategically placed trees and bushes, a few flowers, the appropriate lighting, and maybe some decor that reflects your home’s personality all help to show it off.

We hope this article has explained a little bit about how to care for your yard. If your lawn needs some extra help—fertilizing, weed control, trimming—or you need additional landscaping services, such as tree trimming, mulching, edging, or something else, call us today or fill out our short form by clicking the “free estimate” form button below.

We look forward to working with you!