Affordable Drainage Solutions For The Yard

Yard Drainage Solutions in Annapolis Maryland

Affordable Drainage Solutions For The Yard

Proper drainage is essential for keeping your landscaping strong, attractive and healthy. At Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC we are highly, skilled, experienced, professionals and can provide homeowners with all types of the most effective landscape drainage and irrigation solutions. We are landscape and hardscape design experts and have been keeping yards in Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding areas beautiful, properly drained and well irrigated for years. If your yard has drainage problems, we are the company to call. We have the team, tools and techniques to solve any yard drainage problem quickly, effectively and affordably.

Well-Trained, Experienced, Professionals

At Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC we have a team of well-trained landscape and hardscape design professionals with years of experience keeping yards and landscaping of all types, sizes and configurations, looking great and growing strong and healthy. Team Paradise is committed to ensuring your yard’s landscaping is properly drained and irrigated so you never have to worry about water pooling in spots and causing the roots of your plants, flowers and trees to rot. Our team has advanced training and vast experience using the most effective solutions for irrigating and draining your yard. We offer Affordable Drainage Solutions For The Yard.

Proper Drainage Is Vital

If you have drainage issues in your yard, it’s essential you call us right away. Left unaddressed, drainage problems can cause water to seep into your home’s basement or foundation and do serious damage. We can quickly and accurately assess your drainage problem and provide the best, most effective, solution. We have vast knowledge of and experience with many solutions to drainage problems and the training and expertise to understand which is the best one for your needs. Whether you are building a new home or living in an older one, call us immediately if you have landscape drainage problems, especially with all of the rain we’ve recently had this summer in Annapolis!

Prevent Structural Damage From Poor Drainage

When your yard’s drainage is poor, it can cause serious structural damage to your home
in a short period of time. Poor drainage systems can cause dampness to seep into your house, make mold and mildew to develop, make your home unhealthy, unsafe, uncomfortable and cause you and your loved ones to have respiratory ailments. We have very effective
solutions we can use to ensure water in your yard drains away from your home. This can stop the water from causing concrete, plaster, wood and other building materials from deteriorating prematurely and prevent major water damage to your home’s foundation.

Contact Us Today To Solve Your Drainage Problems

Every year homeowners in Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding communities end up with costly structural damage to their homes as a result of drainage problems in their yards. You can prevent that from happening to your home if you contact us today to solve any drainage problems your are having in your yard. We will identify the source of the water leakage, divert the water away from your home and prevent you from having to make costly repairs to you home unnecessarily. As experienced professionals, Team Paradise will perform an expert drainage assessment and offer you the best water management options for your property or Annapolis Real Estate.

Addressing Drainage And Erosion Problems

If they are not addressed promptly, drainage issues can lead to erosion problems that can make it difficult and dangerous to use your yard. That why you should contact us right away when you think you have a problem with the drainage in your yard. We will come in and do a thorough assessment of the yard to identify the cause of your drainage problem. We will then discuss the options you have for addressing it. We will work closely with you to ensure you are pleased and satisfied with the processes we use to ensure both the drainage and the erosion problems are properly addressed and solved.

A Wide Array Of Services

People in Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding communities have long turned to us for a wide array of landscape drainage solutions. Some of the most effective and common Annapolis drainage solutions we provide for homeowners in Annapolis include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Channel Drains
  • French Drains
  • Yard Drains
  • Drainage Ditches
  • Footing Drains
  • Re-Grading
  • Sump-Pump Installation
  • Foundation Drains

Sometimes the solution to the problem with proper drainage in the yard is to install downspouts on the houses or patios, create a better hardscape design or create an new irrigated system that prevents excess water from flowing towards your home. A very important consideration when looking at Annapolis drainage solutions is to choose one that’s effective and aesthetically pleasing and will enhance the home value and style.

Annapolis Hardscaping Options

We offer a wide array of Annapolis hardscaping options that make homes look more attractive, enhance their curb appeal, assist with preventing drainage and irrigation problems, make the yard more enjoyable and increase the home value. Some popular types
of hardscaping we install include decks, driveways, fire pits, gazebos, artificial grass, outdoor kitchens, patios, pergolas, stepping stones and walkways. Our hardscapes are designed and installed with an understanding of how they can work with and improve the drainage and irrigation systems in the home. Plus, our hardscapes increase the property value.

Drainage Ditches and Landscaping

Team Paradise can install drainage control mechanisms like drains and ditches that can benefit any yard. The drainage control mechanisms we use divert water away from the home’s foundation and help prevent flooding and erosion. To make these useful features
more attractive, we carefully use landscaping to hide or minimize the drainage ditches and other drainage control mechanisms’ visual impact. We even build dry streambeds with large and small stones and moisture-loving ground cover plants to provide excess water in the yard with an escape route, while adding beauty to the landscape at your home.

We Install French Drains

To divert the heavy water from your home’s gutter downspouts away from your house, we install French drains. We bury a perforated pipe in an underground trench filled with gravel to provide proper drainage. Once we use a layer of sand to cover the drain, we spread grass seed or lay sod over the drain. We can also plant shallow-rooted ground cover in the area. We remove any plants that have deeper root systems so they will not clog the pipe’s perforations and prevent proper drainage. This helps to disguise the drains and make the area look more attractive while moving water away from the home.

Swales Can Also Help

We also use swales to help direct water away from your house and to garden beds. Most of the swales we use have shallow depressions running from the highest point of your yard to a lower section. We put mounds of soil on either side of the swales to provide
greater water-carrying capacity. We also place moisture-loving plants along the swale that will grow without impeding water from flowing away from the house and towards the garden beds. We put swale loops around your garden to help rainwater slowly soak in and be evenly distributed throughout the area, reducing the need for hand watering and preventing erosion.

Vegetated Ditches

If your landscaping relies on regular fertilization or pesticides, we can use vegetated
ditches with plants to provide filtration. This type of drainage ditch is often used for agricultural applications. We heavily plant the vegetated ditch with rushes, sedges and native grasses. These plants are ideal for drainage areas because they can stand up to heavy moisture and periods of drought. The vegetation helps to slow down the movement of sediment and prevent soil erosion. The root system of the plants help to trap fertilizers as well as other chemicals that are in the drainage water. This keeps both the grass and plants in your yard and local waterways healthy.

Enhancing Yard Drainage

Another way we enhance yard drainage is through the use of channel drains. Used to get rid of surface water rapidly, these are a type of flood drain with a dominant trough or a channel-shaped body that allows water to drain through quickly. It is ideal in areas or on properties where heavy rain tends to settle and create large puddles. Channel drains have a solid grating or cover that’s flush with the surface of the ground or other area where it’s installed. It’s long, narrow and usually made of concrete. The drains have a slope formation with a polymer or metal liner.

Retaining Walls

We install retaining walls in arears where there is a steep vertical or near-vertical slope to hold back soil or water. The walls are relatively rigid and we often use them when the soil on either side of the wall is on different levels. Made in different types, from different materials and for a variety of applications, these structures are designed to control and restrain soil and water on properties where loose soil, acute slopes and excess water are a problem. We have experience and expertise using walls of a variety of the different types. Contact us today if you need one installed.

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If you have a problem with drainage in your yard, Team Paradise can help. Contact us today for your Annapolis landscape and drainage solutions. We have a team of well-trained, highly skilled, experienced, landscape technicians with the tools, equipment, knowledge and expertise to quickly, effectively, properly and affordably provide you with the solution to your yard’s drainage needs. Don’t trust your precious property to amateurs. Contact us today to make sure you get the right landscape solutions to make your yard safe and attractive and increase your home’s value.