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Tree-care in Annapolis, MD during the hot and wet summer months is a year-round responsibility, but it is important to note that your trees need different things during different times of the year. Every tree and growing location is different, so it is always important to be flexible and tailor your approach to suit your specific trees. However, you’ll likely find that the following four tips help keep your trees healthier and looking their best all summer long.

1. Apply a fresh layer of mulch over the roots.
Mulch helps to keep your trees – especially their roots – healthy in a variety of ways. However, mulch’s ability to shield the roots from high temperatures and to retain soil moisture are the two most important ways it can help in the summertime.

There are a variety of different mulches you can use, but organic, bark- or wood-based mulches are generally the best choices. Just make sure that you spread a 2- to 4-inch-thick layer around as much of the root zone as possible, and avoid piling mulch up against the tree trunk, as this can encourage fungal and bacterial growth.

2. Develop an irrigation plan.
Annapolis, MD summers are notoriously wet, and rain only falls quite a bit with big thunderstorms. Some trees are capable of withstanding these wet conditions without any supplemental irrigation, but others will need a helping hand if they’re to survive.

Research the water needs of your trees if you aren’t already familiar with them and devise a plan to suit their needs. There are a number of highly efficient ways to remove water around trees. Why waste all of the free water from your landscape, rooftop, driveways, patios, and grass area. Re-use it! This new technology will collect and retain groundwater and rainwater underground and be able for you use at your own convenience. Are you tired of having ugly rain barrels under your gutter downspouts? We can install a retention basin underground, collect and retain all rainwater, and then hook this new water source to a hose or your irrigation system.

• Paradise Landscape & Hardscape designs and installs the following drainage solutions: Catch basins, channel drains, & French drains to move water away from home
• Connect gutter downspouts and run them underground to the location you want
• Dry creek bed with hidden drainage pipes to channel water and improve the aesthetic properties
• Change the grading on your property to divert water in a different direction
• Innovative Dry-wells

3. Ensure that your tree’s roots and trunk are protected.

When the kids are out of school and the tourist season is in full swing, your trees may become exposed to a lot more foot traffic. They may even fall victim to vandalism or deliberate damage. And while you can’t completely protect your trees from these threats, you’ll want to do everything you can to shield them from harm. Mulch will help protect a tree’s roots from minor foot traffic, but you may want to install fences or other types of barriers if your tree lies along a well-trodden path. You may even be able to install other plants to help keep people away from the trunks and roots of your trees – a couple of prickly holly shrubs can convince most casual passersby from getting too close. If you see big roots exposed, curling or snaking on the soil’s surface around a tree, it can be a sign of trouble. Tree roots normally grow just below ground, in the top 12 to 18 inches of soil.

When roots are above the soil, they’re easily damaged. They can be sliced by lawnmowers or string trimmers, or worn and torn by foot traffic. Damaged roots can’t do their job of collecting water and nutrients to support the tree.

Don’t try to rebury the roots by piling on more soil. The soil may end up too deep or tightly packed, so the fine feeder roots can’t absorb oxygen.
Do spread mulch over the roots. This will: Cushion the roots, Insulate them, Discourage foot traffic, Keep lawnmowers away (there’s no need to mow mulch)

Do use an organic material such as wood chips or shredded wood. Spread it in an even layer 3 to 4 inches deep over the surface of the soil.
Do make the area of mulch as large as it needs to be to completely cover the exposed roots, even if that means covering an area of lawn. It’s healthier for a tree to be surrounded by mulch than by grass.

Exposed roots aren’t just a dangerous tripping hazard; they can spell danger for the trees they support.

4. Inspect the tree’s health while the canopy is full.

Crown dieback – characterized by dead or dying branches in the canopy — is one of the most common signs of failing health or stress, and it is important to regularly inspect your trees for it. However, it can be difficult to do so for deciduous trees, which shed their leaves in the winter.
However, the summer provides the perfect time to take a look at the canopies of your trees, as the tree should be exhibiting the greatest leaf density at this time. If you note any dead branches, be sure to have a landscaper inspect the tree at once.

Do you know what the Maryland State Tree is? The White Oak. Handsome and sturdy, the white oak is named for its whitish bark and grey twigs. White Oaks are large, long-lived, and slow-growing trees, reaching heights of 60 to 150 feet, with diameters between 3 to 4 feet. Their glossy, bright green leaves have rounded lobes, five to seven per leaf. The species is found commonly throughout Maryland. Sometime around its fiftieth year, a white oak begins to produce acorns and may produce 10,000 annually. Crowned with shallow caps that are smooth underneath, these acorns sprout soon after falling from the tree. Sweet to the taste, they are a dietary mainstay for over 80 species of birds and mammals. Native Americans ground acorns into flour, a technique they shared with early European settlers. White oaks produce prime hardwood lumber with a fine, almost watertight grain, excellent for barrel staves.

If you are concerned that your trees won’t take this summer in stride, give Paradise a call or fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form below. We’ll come out to inspect your trees and recommend the best strategies for keeping them healthy throughout the hot, humid, wet weather. We may even notice subtle signs that indicate imminent problems, thereby allowing you to treat them proactively and avoid headaches down the line.

Affordable Drainage Solutions For The Yard

Proper drainage is essential for keeping your landscaping strong, attractive and healthy. At Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC we are highly, skilled, experienced, professionals and can provide homeowners with all types of the most effective landscape drainage and irrigation solutions. We are landscape and hardscape design experts and have been keeping yards in Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding areas beautiful, properly drained and well irrigated for years. If your yard has drainage problems, we are the company to call. We have the team, tools and techniques to solve any yard drainage problem quickly, effectively and affordably.

Well-Trained, Experienced, Professionals

At Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC we have a team of well-trained landscape and hardscape design professionals with years of experience keeping yards and landscaping of all types, sizes and configurations, looking great and growing strong and healthy. Team Paradise is committed to ensuring your yard’s landscaping is properly drained and irrigated so you never have to worry about water pooling in spots and causing the roots of your plants, flowers and trees to rot. Our team has advanced training and vast experience using the most effective solutions for irrigating and draining your yard. We offer Affordable Drainage Solutions For The Yard.

Proper Drainage Is Vital

If you have drainage issues in your yard, it’s essential you call us right away. Left unaddressed, drainage problems can cause water to seep into your home’s basement or foundation and do serious damage. We can quickly and accurately assess your drainage problem and provide the best, most effective, solution. We have vast knowledge of and experience with many solutions to drainage problems and the training and expertise to understand which is the best one for your needs. Whether you are building a new home or living in an older one, call us immediately if you have landscape drainage problems, especially with all of the rain we’ve recently had this summer in Annapolis!

Prevent Structural Damage From Poor Drainage

When your yard’s drainage is poor, it can cause serious structural damage to your home
in a short period of time. Poor drainage systems can cause dampness to seep into your house, make mold and mildew to develop, make your home unhealthy, unsafe, uncomfortable and cause you and your loved ones to have respiratory ailments. We have very effective
solutions we can use to ensure water in your yard drains away from your home. This can stop the water from causing concrete, plaster, wood and other building materials from deteriorating prematurely and prevent major water damage to your home’s foundation.

Contact Us Today To Solve Your Drainage Problems

Every year homeowners in Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding communities end up with costly structural damage to their homes as a result of drainage problems in their yards. You can prevent that from happening to your home if you contact us today to solve any drainage problems your are having in your yard. We will identify the source of the water leakage, divert the water away from your home and prevent you from having to make costly repairs to you home unnecessarily. As experienced professionals, Team Paradise will perform an expert drainage assessment and offer you the best water management options for your property or Annapolis Real Estate.

Addressing Drainage And Erosion Problems

If they are not addressed promptly, drainage issues can lead to erosion problems that can make it difficult and dangerous to use your yard. That why you should contact us right away when you think you have a problem with the drainage in your yard. We will come in and do a thorough assessment of the yard to identify the cause of your drainage problem. We will then discuss the options you have for addressing it. We will work closely with you to ensure you are pleased and satisfied with the processes we use to ensure both the drainage and the erosion problems are properly addressed and solved.

A Wide Array Of Services

People in Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding communities have long turned to us for a wide array of landscape drainage solutions. Some of the most effective and common Annapolis drainage solutions we provide for homeowners in Annapolis include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Channel Drains
  • French Drains
  • Yard Drains
  • Drainage Ditches
  • Footing Drains
  • Re-Grading
  • Sump-Pump Installation
  • Foundation Drains

Sometimes the solution to the problem with proper drainage in the yard is to install downspouts on the houses or patios, create a better hardscape design or create an new irrigated system that prevents excess water from flowing towards your home. A very important consideration when looking at Annapolis drainage solutions is to choose one that’s effective and aesthetically pleasing and will enhance the home value and style.

Annapolis Hardscaping Options

We offer a wide array of Annapolis hardscaping options that make homes look more attractive, enhance their curb appeal, assist with preventing drainage and irrigation problems, make the yard more enjoyable and increase the home value. Some popular types
of hardscaping we install include decks, driveways, fire pits, gazebos, artificial grass, outdoor kitchens, patios, pergolas, stepping stones and walkways. Our hardscapes are designed and installed with an understanding of how they can work with and improve the drainage and irrigation systems in the home. Plus, our hardscapes increase the property value.

Drainage Ditches and Landscaping

Team Paradise can install drainage control mechanisms like drains and ditches that can benefit any yard. The drainage control mechanisms we use divert water away from the home’s foundation and help prevent flooding and erosion. To make these useful features
more attractive, we carefully use landscaping to hide or minimize the drainage ditches and other drainage control mechanisms’ visual impact. We even build dry streambeds with large and small stones and moisture-loving ground cover plants to provide excess water in the yard with an escape route, while adding beauty to the landscape at your home.

We Install French Drains

To divert the heavy water from your home’s gutter downspouts away from your house, we install French drains. We bury a perforated pipe in an underground trench filled with gravel to provide proper drainage. Once we use a layer of sand to cover the drain, we spread grass seed or lay sod over the drain. We can also plant shallow-rooted ground cover in the area. We remove any plants that have deeper root systems so they will not clog the pipe’s perforations and prevent proper drainage. This helps to disguise the drains and make the area look more attractive while moving water away from the home.

Swales Can Also Help

We also use swales to help direct water away from your house and to garden beds. Most of the swales we use have shallow depressions running from the highest point of your yard to a lower section. We put mounds of soil on either side of the swales to provide
greater water-carrying capacity. We also place moisture-loving plants along the swale that will grow without impeding water from flowing away from the house and towards the garden beds. We put swale loops around your garden to help rainwater slowly soak in and be evenly distributed throughout the area, reducing the need for hand watering and preventing erosion.

Vegetated Ditches

If your landscaping relies on regular fertilization or pesticides, we can use vegetated
ditches with plants to provide filtration. This type of drainage ditch is often used for agricultural applications. We heavily plant the vegetated ditch with rushes, sedges and native grasses. These plants are ideal for drainage areas because they can stand up to heavy moisture and periods of drought. The vegetation helps to slow down the movement of sediment and prevent soil erosion. The root system of the plants help to trap fertilizers as well as other chemicals that are in the drainage water. This keeps both the grass and plants in your yard and local waterways healthy.

Enhancing Yard Drainage

Another way we enhance yard drainage is through the use of channel drains. Used to get rid of surface water rapidly, these are a type of flood drain with a dominant trough or a channel-shaped body that allows water to drain through quickly. It is ideal in areas or on properties where heavy rain tends to settle and create large puddles. Channel drains have a solid grating or cover that’s flush with the surface of the ground or other area where it’s installed. It’s long, narrow and usually made of concrete. The drains have a slope formation with a polymer or metal liner.

Retaining Walls

We install retaining walls in arears where there is a steep vertical or near-vertical slope to hold back soil or water. The walls are relatively rigid and we often use them when the soil on either side of the wall is on different levels. Made in different types, from different materials and for a variety of applications, these structures are designed to control and restrain soil and water on properties where loose soil, acute slopes and excess water are a problem. We have experience and expertise using walls of a variety of the different types. Contact us today if you need one installed.

Contact Us For A Free Quote

If you have a problem with drainage in your yard, Team Paradise can help. Contact us today for your Annapolis landscape and drainage solutions. We have a team of well-trained, highly skilled, experienced, landscape technicians with the tools, equipment, knowledge and expertise to quickly, effectively, properly and affordably provide you with the solution to your yard’s drainage needs. Don’t trust your precious property to amateurs. Contact us today to make sure you get the right landscape solutions to make your yard safe and attractive and increase your home’s value.

Lawn Mowing Services in Annapolis, MD

Lawn care is more important than you realize. It’s also important to get it right. If you want to get the most out of your outdoor living spaces, then having regular landscaping services can help. Here are a few reasons why regular lawn moving is so vital for your lawn in Annapolis, MD.

Why Lawn Mowing Services in Annapolis, MD Matters

At Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC, we want to make sure that your lawn looks its best. To keep your outdoor living spaces healthy, they need regular grass cutting. One of the most important reasons for mowing is that it’s far more aesthetically pleasing. Tall grass doesn’t look good. It makes your home look abandoned.

It can invite pests to your yard. Ticks and fleas can live on the tall grass and jump to your body or your pet’s. They’ll also have an easier time accessing your home. Team Paradise is the best lawn mowing company in Annapolis, MD with decades of experience.

Lawn maintenance services cut down the grass and return it to a better height. It’s pleasing to the eye. Your HOA or County may also require you to keep your grass at a certain height. Not doing so can invite the County to come down to your home and cut it for you.

The problem is that you’re going to need to pay them for the service. Their grass cutting service is going to be far more expensive than the service that Team Paradise can provide.

Another reason you should use our lawn maintenance services to keep your grass cut is that it makes your lawn healthier. All plants use the sun and soil to nurture themselves. Yet they’re always in competition with each other. The plant that receives the most sun and can take up the most nutrients in the soil grows the most.

This also means that the plants around it receive less.

As a result, you may notice that certain patches of your lawn look green and healthy while others look matted or brown. Competition is at work.

You can keep your lawn evenly lush and healthy by mowing. Using our services means that the grass is cut at the same length frequently. This removes the risk that any one part of the grass may outgrow the other. Instead, all of the grass blades are receiving the same amount of sunlight and nourishment barring any shade from nearby trees.

The process of lawn care can also encourage the health of your lawn. When you mow, there are two ways to deal with the cut grass. The first is to collect it and remove it. You can burn it or bag it and have your local County pick it up at a scheduled time.

The other choice is to leave the grass as mulch. It isn’t enough just to leave the grass sitting where it is, of course. At Team Paradise, we can help you get the most out of the leftover grass by mulching it correctly.

When grass is able to be turned into mulch, you basically receive a free tonic that can help your lawn grow and stay healthy.

As the grass blades return to the soil, it returns nutrients to it. The grass that remains entrenched in the soil can access those nutrients and grow healthier as a result. Yet it can also blanket the grass and keep them from accessing vital sunlight.

Trusting our local lawn care services to watch over your lawn and use the correct amount of mulch can ensure your yard looks its best. We won’t starve your grass of sunlight or nutrients. Instead, we’ll customize our mulching plan based on the size of your lawn and the amount of help that it needs.

Why Landscaping Services in Annapolis, MD Matters

While it’s clear that regularly cutting your grass can help keep it healthy, it may not be clear why regular landscaping services are important. Lawn care services are vital for social reasons. When you landscape your home, it just looks better. It looks professional. It shows that you care about your home and your lawn.

This can encourage others to take care of their lawns. When you drive down the road, you may notice greener lawns, better plants and shrubs, and overall better landscaping. That can increase your property and neighborhood value.

This helps everyone who wants to one day sell their home.

For you, personally, landscaping can make the right impression. If you do plan on selling your home, then a landscaped lawn can be the cherry on top that seals the deal for a buyer. They may be drawn in by how beautiful the yard looks. Your house will do the rest of the selling. If you live in an area where selling homes is competitive, then having an expertly-crafted landscape can give you an edge.

It works similarly to a book cover. Buyers will likely pass on a house with poor landscaping. If your lawn and yard impress them, then you’re more likely to get them inside of your house and looking around.

It can also be a powerful statement piece for your guests. Perhaps you need to impress your boss at a dinner event you’re hosting, maybe you want your friends to be a little jealous of your yard, or maybe you just want to impress the one that you love. Team Paradise can make it happen.

Whether you want to plant a garden, have a water feature, or just add something beautiful to your yard, we can help make it a reality. The best part is you don’t even have to worry about taking care of it. We’ll do the hard work for you. You receive all of the benefits without doing any of the hard work.

Landscaping can also be beneficial for your local environment. Perhaps you want to plant a few more trees. This increases the green top in your area and takes one more step forward in the fight against climate change. It can also give the local wildlife an opportunity to thrive. Trees may give birds and squirrels a home. Shrubs may give rabbits a safe place to nest.

Even flowers can help stimulate the local bee population. Through your landscaping, you could have a small, but powerful, effect on your local ecosystem. That can, in turn, have an impact on the wider environment in which you live.

It’s something that can also be passed down from generation to generation. Playing with your kids in the yard, running after the dog, hosting parties, all of these take place on your lawn. Those are experiences that can be passed down through the generations to encourage children to do their part in taking care of nature.

Contact Us Today

For affordable lawn care and the best customer service in Annapolis when it comes to your yard, Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes has your back. Lawn mowing and landscaping are more important than many realize. While it can certainly go a long way towards making your home look beautiful, it also does so much more than that. Lawns that are properly cared for can keep your home and family safe. It cuts down on pests and bugs that can cause illness. It stimulates the local ecosystem. It can also increase the greenery in a given area, reducing the total heat in the area.

Yet those results don’t happen on your own. To get the most of your lawn, you need a professional landscaping company at your back. At Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC, we have the tools, experience, and skill to make your typical lawn into something stunning. Give Team Paradise a call today to schedule your services and experience the benefits.

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Annapolis, MD, sits close to the edge of the coastal waters. It receives medium to heavy rainfall, with a lot of it pooling in low areas. As such, you may find that you need Annapolis drainage solutions provided by “Team Paradise” from Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC. Our Annapolis drainage and irrigation solutions focus on some of the most common standing water and pooling water problems that residential and commercial properties experience here in Annapolis. The following examples are just some of the many drainage solutions Team Paradise provides.

Landscape Drainage

Landscape drainage differs from our other service, hardscaping. Both can help you remove excess water from your property, but actual drainage solutions address the problem by removing the water in multiple ways. You may decide that you need more than just one type of yard drainage, depending on how the water collects and stays in different areas of your yard.

Drainage Ditches

Properties close to a road and far from the city’s main sewer lines can benefit from drainage ditches. These are generally constructed by grading and sloping your yard downward toward the road, while excavating three- or four-foot deep ditches on either side of your driveway. A culvert pipe may be used to keep the overflow of higher water accumulation from coming up onto the driveway. Sometimes a drainage pipe is connected to the culvert underneath the road so that water can flow down into the ground.

Channel Drains

Think of channel drains like the eavestroughs on your house. Water flows into the channels and runs along until it can empty somewhere else. These are not to be confused with French drains, which are a different product altogether. Channel drains are also called trench drains because you dig a trench to collect the pooling water and move water into the trenched area.

Channels are dug into the soil. The yard is graded so that the water rolls down into the metal or plastic channel placed into the soil channel to collect the water. Then it all rolls through this channel to a location that disperses the water from your yard.

French Drains

Property owners love French drains for yard drainage because you don’t see these drains after the soil covers them and landscaping is done around them. Like trench drains, a channel a few inches wide and several inches deep is dug into the soil. A perforated pipe is placed in the bottom. A filtering mechanism goes over the top of the pipe to prevent soil and rocks from getting into the pipe. Then a layer of gravel goes over the top of that before the soil is replaced to make a nice, uninterrupted looking yard.

As water seeps through this mostly invisible drain, it sinks down through the gravel, down through the filter, and into the perforated pipe. The water collects here and either is released into the soil underneath, or allowed to flow through the pipe and out into the street or into city sewer systems. Our team of drain experts can discuss with you how your location and drainage needs affects the way in which your French drain will flow and empty.

Yard Drains

If you live within city limits of Annapolis, and your home or commercial property is connected to city sewer lines, you can opt for yard drains. These are underground pipes that feed into the local sewers or empty into the bay or ocean via a concrete and metal drain. The drain opening is placed into the most troublesome of pooling and standing water spots. Grates cover the round drain holes so that no one can get stuck or lose a pet down the drain.

Draining to Irrigation

People who are eco-minded can make water drainage work for the environment via irrigation. Water collected is pulled into a system of pipes and spray heads that can water your lawn during dry periods or just to keep your yard lush and green without the excess water. Drainage to irrigation systems have to be custom-designed to fit the needs of your property and work to your benefit, but the results are pleasing.

Changing Downspouts

A big cause of pooling water are downspouts that aren’t long enough to remove water away from your house or building. Adding much longer drain spouts on the ends of the downspouts directs water further away, averting the problem of pooling water. You can also add drain spouts that irrigate the landscape by collecting water, unfolding when they are full and watering the yard via their perforations in a controlled release method.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a nice segue into hardscaping as a form of drainage control. These walls prevent water from collecting and pooling, pushing the water away from areas where it might ordinarily pool. The walls are a good idea if you live even closer to the bay or ocean in Annapolis and experience seasonal flooding.


Annapolis hardscaping contractors like Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC, know how to use stone and brick structures to keep water away. Team Paradise constructs patios, retaining walls, and other stone and brick structures that not only deal with your water problems, but also serve other functions and look beautiful. Our team of hardscape design professionals can assess the water problems in your yard, and then look at ways in which hardscape design can solve two problems with a single, functional, aesthetically pleasing solution.

Hardscapes increase your home value, as many people love patios and built-in walls to protect their homes and their yards. If you walk around your neighborhood in Annapolis, you will see many examples of Annapolis hardscaping, probably some of which we have done in the past for your neighbors! The prettier, neater, and drier the yard, the more home value your property will have.

Contact Us Today for Your Drainage and Irrigating Solutions

Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC, would love to hear from you! Our experienced and dedicated team of designers and solution providers will meet with you, see what issues you have, and provide you with recommendations and an estimate for the recommended solutions. The best time to call us out is just after a storm so that we can see where water is pooling on your property and what exactly is causing it. Then we can provide the best solution possible.

However, we can come at any time to look at the situation and provide an estimate regardless if you have visibly standing water or not. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will schedule a date and time to meet with you for a free consultation.


We specialize in Hardscape Design and Outdoor Living Spaces in Annapolis, MD. Defining the right space for you can be difficult. Even if you can’t find the perfect fit, there are many things you can do to make it your own. Finding hardscape design, pool decks, home value, Annapolis hardscaping, Severna Park hardscaping patios, walkways, water features, retaining walls, and hardscaping and landscaping combined can make a real difference in your product!

Hardscape Design and Outdoor Living Spaces in Annapolis, MD

Custom Design Can Be A Fun And Inexpensive Pursuit

Custom design is an exciting option for homeowners to have outside their homes. Outdoor spaces are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to add design to your home. From patios, decks, and gardens, outdoor spaces are the perfect places to sit, relax, enjoy, and entertain yourself. It is important to choose the right materials for your outdoor space. This is why selecting a custom landscape design is so helpful.

Custom design allows you to bring a custom look to your outdoor living area, giving you a seamless and stylish transformation. Your outdoor living area can be the best place in your house. Imagine lounging on the porch after a long day at work while enjoying the fresh air and the warm sunlight. This is possible with the right design for your home’s exterior.

Custom design considers all your outdoor needs, such as the plants and flowers that will provide beauty around your home. You should also consider your landscaping design concept. This is where landscaping comes in. You should select a company that offers professional services, such as custom-designed landscapes.

Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes has decades of experience in Hardscape Design and Outdoor Living Spaces in Annapolis, MD and the surrounding areas. The design concept should include your desired look, size of the space, and safety features. If safety is a concern, you should ask for recommendations from a local, experienced company. Hardscape design is a high-quality product. It is created using high-quality materials that provide durabilities, such as heavy-duty metal poles and aluminum frames. The poles and frames are then combined with beautiful plants, stone, or synthetic materials to create a stunning landscape design that fits your home and meets your design concept.

When selecting a company, make sure that they have experience in producing large outdoor structures. They should have a good reputation in the industry and an excellent track record. They should provide accurate and timely delivery to ensure that you receive your products on time. They should also make sure that you are satisfied with your order and installation.

Choose a hardscape manufacturer that can offer you options for color selection. You want to choose a color that complements your landscape and home decor. Look at a variety of photos to help you determine which colors will compliment your home’s style. You may also want to ask the company for advice on which finish would work best for your particular situation. Most companies recommend maintaining your metal pole framework and adding a powder coat to your aluminum frame.

It would help if you made your hardscape installation a do-it-yourself project and figure out what you’re looking to do. This way, you can be sure that you are happy with the outcome. Team Paradise can also do custom designs and installs even if you have no idea what you are looking to do! If you cannot accomplish the entire project yourself, try to enlist a friend or neighbor who is skilled in the outdoor building. Consider hiring a professional for custom landscape design if you are not skilled in this area. A professional will know what materials to use and know how to assemble your outdoor structure to look as good as it can.

Before making your decision, look at your budget again. Make sure that you can afford the design and construction of your landscape. If you can’t afford a brand new structure, consider using an old wood gazebo that you fix up and then leave in your yard. We specialize in Hardscape Design and Outdoor Living Spaces in Annapolis, MD.

When choosing a custom company, look for one that offers a wide selection of products. Look for a company that has experience with the types of products you are looking for. For instance, if you have a specific design in mind, ask the company to suggest possible options. They should also be able to provide you with photos of the completed landscape. You will want to choose a company that can get the job done right the first time.

The company that you choose should also have a website. The website should offer detailed information on all of its products. You may also want to take a look at the company’s history. If they have been in business for a few years, they will probably have a good reputation for quality work. Choose a company that has happy customers, like us!

Once you choose a landscape company, you can start getting your project started. You can schedule a free consultation. During this meeting, the company should give you a proposal that includes the cost of materials, labor, and completion time. You can also get a general idea of the timeline of the project. If you are concerned about costs, it is a good idea to talk with the contractor about the cost of materials ahead of time. This will eliminate any surprises down the line.

If you want an outdoor living space complete with hardscapes, hardscaping, hardscape design, and more, you can have it! There are many paver patios, pool decks, and things that increase home value. That’s where excellent Annapolis hardscaping and Severna Park hardscaping can come in. Walkways and water features and hardscaping and landscaping combined are some great features to have. Ask a professional today at Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes since we are the leaders in Hardscape Design and Outdoor Living Spaces in Annapolis, MD.

Now you need to determine where you want the space to be located. For example, if you are going to place it under a tree, you will want to make sure that the tree does not go through the entire space. It would help if you also thought about how big space needs to be. The last thing you want is a space that is too small and that you cannot use.

When choosing a landscape design plan, you should think about the materials that you would like to use. For example, if you are going to build a wooden deck, you may want to choose a wood withstands the wind elements. One way to ensure that you get the best material for your custom outdoor living spaces is to take the time to browse around at different stores. The great thing about shopping online is that you can often find custom outdoor living spaces at a much lower price. You can also compare prices with other companies and see which one offers the best value.

Call A Professional Designer Today At Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes

If you are interested in creating custom outdoor living spaces, you must have a clearly defined layout. You will want to work with a landscape architect to get a few ideas on what you would like. Hardscapes, hardscaping and paver patios, as well as retaining walls, are great features.


With all the rain and winter weather we’ve had in Annapolis, MD it’s no wonder that your yard may have drainage issues. There are many ways on how to improve drainage in your yard. It happens to homeowners across the country more often than you’d think, and it usually starts with small puddles and wet spots appearing in your grass. Maybe you’re starting to see muddy patches and swamp-like areas in your yard. These are classic symptoms of poor yard drainage, meaning the soil in your yard is retaining too much water. Why?

Common Causes of Yard Drainage Issues

There are several factors that can lead to a yard failing to vacate excess water properly. Different causes of yard drainage problems can call for different solutions and approaches. The following are some of the most common reasons your yard may be draining poorly.

  • Yard slope or pitch: In many cases, water pools in a yard because the soil’s flat plane doesn’t divert enough water away from the house.
  • A too-short downspout: If your gutter’s downspout points directly into a flower bed or other landscaped area, excess water can collect in the mulch and soil beneath.
  • Impacted soil: This can be a result of construction projects, such as in-ground pools, around the house. Hardpan clay is especially problematic when impacted, as it can retain moisture for far longer than other types of soil.
  • Front walkways: If a sidewalk or concrete path sits in front of your house, it could be blocking off water, preventing it from running through your yard and into the storm drain.
  • Runoff erosion: If the runoff from your downspout has stripped away some of the topsoil in your yard, this can lead to heavy collection beneath the eroded area.

French Drain Versus Dry Well: What’s the Difference?

A French drain normally consists of a long trench filled with gravel or other substrate materials and a drainage pipe running from the house down the length of the drain. The pipe is then covered up with filter and either soil or river stone at the grade level. French drains are versatile and can be installed almost anywhere. They differ from a creek bed or drainage swale in that a French drain consists of buried piping underneath the soil, as opposed to a shallow trench that redirects runoff on the graded surface.

A dry well is usually installed at the endpoint of a creek, swale or French drain and is used to collect and disperse water into the surrounding soil instead of redirecting water away from the house. This is typically done using either a weighted sleeve of drainage fabric or a large metal or concrete basin with holes in its sides through which the collected water can drain out into the porous soil nearby. Larger dry well sections can be purchased at many home improvement stores.

For heavy-duty yard drainage improvement, a French drain connected to a downspout leading away from the house and ending in a dry well is a popular and effective solution. Be sure to check the soil conditions at your intended dry well installation site. If the soil there isn’t porous and doesn’t drain well, a dry well won’t do you any good there. This can be done by digging a small hole with a post digger, pouring water inside and observing how long it takes to drain.

Check Your Yard Often to Prevent Future Yard Drainage Issues

Even after you’ve tackled your yard drainage project and your property is back on track, it’s important to take care of your soil and keep watch for unwanted standing water in the future. If you’re concerned that your soil isn’t aerating enough, a round of rototilling can loosen the earth and help it drain more quickly.

Decorative rocks in the yard, if not placed properly, can also create barriers to runoff, causing water to pool in the grass. Consider relocating or removing some rocks from the yard to ensure rainwater has a clear path out of your yard.

When your yard isn’t draining the way it should be, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the task of fixing it. But with the right preparation and the right tools, you can take on a variety of yard drainage ideas in a weekend or two to get your property back on track.

Team Paradise has helped hundreds of customers over the decades fix their yard drainage solution issues. Call us today or fill out our estimate form!

Excess Rain And Yard Drainage Solutions

Does an excessive amount of rain cause drainage problems in your yard? We can help. We are Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, LLC and we have been providing very effective solutions for home with drainage problems in Annapolis, Maryland and the years. Team Paradise can show you a number of proven ways we can quickly and affordably solve your yard drainage problem before it leads to damage in your basement or foundation. We can repair and upgrade your current drainage system or install a new one that’s right for your needs. Call us today and let us solve your drainage problem and protect your home.

Take Action Now

When the hardscape design of your yard prevents it from draining properly, you are at risk for water flooding into your basement and weakening your foundation every time it rains. Plus, having your yard flooded with standing water will kill all of your grass,
plants, flowers and trees and leave your yard a soggy mess. If the problem isn’t dealtwith right away, it can cause serious damage to your home’s foundation and walls that require expensive repairs. The dampness can invite mold and mildew and make being in
your home dangerous and unhealthy. Plus, it can make the value of your home plummet.

How We Can Help

There are a number of methods we can use to solve the drainage problem in your yard. We start by doing a thorough assessment of your yard to identify the source of your drainage issue. Once we determine whether it’s the natural slope of your property, the
hardscape design, an issue it not being properly irrigated or the need for some other type of drainage solution. We make you aware of your options and make recommendations about what we think will work best. We will also show you examples of how each option looks and functions and their cost and give you the chance to pick the one you prefer.

Yard Drainage Solutions

We are Annapolis hardscaping experts and can offer you a wide range of very effective drainage solutions for channeling excess water away from your home and out your yard. Some of the landscape drainage options we offer include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Yard Drains
  • Channel Drains
  • French Drains
  • Drainage Ditches
  • Downspouts Piping
  • Irrigation Systems

As experienced Annapolis hardscaping and landscaping professionals, these are just some of the landscape drainage options we have successfully used to provide a many customers with effective, affordable Annapolis drainage solutions. We have earned a reputation for being able to solve even the most complex and vexing drainage problems homes in the Greater Annapolis areas.

Annapolis Landscape Drainage Solutions

To understand the benefits of the different methods for draining excess water from your yard and the landscape around your home, lets take a close look at each one.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can help to control the flow of excess water on your property, keep it away from your basement and foundation and help to prevent soil erosion and damage to your property caused by runoff.

Yard Drains

A yard drain, also known as a landscape drain or an area drain, is a landscape feature which can be used to channel excess water from gutters on the roof and the downspout, away from the home’s foundation.

Channel Drains

A channel drain or trench drain collects excess water and runoff in a well-designed underground drainage system and disperses it over a large area away from the foundation of people’s houses to prevent the water from weakening and wreaking havoc on the home.

French Drains

French drains, filter drains or perimeter drains are trenches that are filled with rock or gravel or containing perforated pipe. They are used to redirect excess surface or ground water away from homes to prevent it from penetrating and damaging foundations, walls, basements or other parts of the building.

Drainage Ditches

Drainage ditches create a pathway or avenue for water to flow away from a home or yard to prevent excess water from collecting around the house, saturating the yard and then seeping into the foundation and walls of your home. The ditches help prevent excess water from seeping into the walls, weakening them and making it damp enough for mold and mildew to grow.


Downspouts are vertical, pipe-like devices that are connected to your home’s gutters. They redirect water down the sides of your home and divert it safely away from roofs, walls and foundations to a designated drainage area. How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? The downspout can prevent hundreds of gallons of water a heavy shower produces from cascading down into the foundation and flooding your basement and causing structural damage.

Irrigation Systems

These systems sometimes employ a crushed rock base that prevents waste water from backing up and flooding yards, basements and foundations by giving the excess water a safe place to go. By making the water flow into the crushed rock channels, the systems
protect your home by preventing rain and waste water from oversaturating your yard.

Why Call Team Paradise?

Our team at Paradise Landscape And Hardscape, LLC has been providing homeowners in many parts of Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding areas with fast, easy, very efficient, effective solutions for safely removing excess water from poor drainage areas in their yards and preventing it from damaging vulnerable structures on their property for many years. How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? We understand the unique landscape drainage challenges homes in the Annapolis area face and can install the appropriate drainage systems to properly address any of the common drainage and excess waste water problems that plague their homes and yards.

The Right Annapolis Drainage Solutions

How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? You don’t. Let us. At Paradise Landscape And Hardscape, we have the tools, equipment, specially trained staff, knowledge, experience and expertise to give homeowners with the right Annapolis drainage solutions for their needs. We can make their hardscapes, patios, gardens and their entire property safe from the excess water nature sometimes drops on properties in the Annapolis area. If improper drainage makes it near impossible for you to be able to enjoy your hardscapes, basements, patios and gardens, call us today. We can provide the right solution to your drainage problem and increase your home value.

Contact Us Today For Your Irrigation Solutions

How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? We have a number of excellent drainage systems we can use to make sure your yard is properly irrigated. If your home value, safety and comfort are important to you, then contact us today and we can provide you with a wide array of effective options for the drainage methods and systems from which you can choose to ensure your property is welly irrigated. The longer you wait to contact us to help you better irrigate your yard, the greater the amount of damage that excess water can do to your home’s foundation, walls and basement. Given enough time, excess water can infiltrate your home and destroy it.

Effective Yard Drainage

We can enhance your hardscape design to create more effective yard drainage and help to
make your home value go up significantly through the use of French and channel drains and other types of yard drains. We have an array of effective drainage options that can make your Annapolis hardscaping look amazing and using your basement, patios, walkways and driveways safer. No matter what type of hardscapes you have, we can work around them or make adjustments to them to improve the drainage systems on your property.

Call us today so we can quickly and effectively solve any drainage problem you have.

Quality Service

One reason Annapolis homeowners regularly turn to us for help with drainage problems they have on their properties is because we consistently provide quality service. We make sure our workmanship is impeccable and we deliver the quality services Annapolis homeowners want and need. Our focus is always on providing the ideal solution to your drainage problem. We use the best tools, equipment, techniques and methods to solve the drainage problems our customers have once and for all. Our high quality drainage repair services regularly receive rave reviews.

Affordable Prices

Homeowners in Annapolis and surrounding communities also love our affordable prices. We know local residents can only benefit from our drainage improvement services if they are offered at prices they can afford. Our low prices mean any Annapolis area home that needs the drainage repair services we provide can afford it. How do I fix bad drainage in my yard? Homeowners are pleasantly surprised when they hear the prices we charge for the drainage work they need done. We believe price should not be a barrier preventing our neighbors from getting the service they need to prevent excess water from damaging their home.

We Stand Behind Our Work

At Paradise Landscaping and Hardscaping, LLC we stand behind our work. We believe the job is not completed until the drainage problem has been solved and our customers are satisfied with the job we have done. We go over the improvements we have made to the drainage system with every customer and encourage them to call us if they have any type of problem with the work we have done. We offer warranties and guarantees on all of the materials we use and the workmanship and expertise of Team Paradise. We take pride in knowing every customer is confident that we will always stand behind the work we do.

Leaf Removal Services in Annapolis

Summer and fall are arguably the best seasons of the year. These two seasons come with great types of both warm weather and rain. The rains and warm weather come with alot of hustle and bustle. To enjoy the warm seasons, we need to take care of our homes and these days, home offices that might be outdoors. It is, however, hard to maintain a healthy lawn and outdoor living spaces.

Everyone is so busy these days. We love entertaining outdoors. With a nice clean patio for a fire pit, you need leaf removal services or such other services are needed to maintain a healthy lawn and tidy patio. Life has been hectic and busy this year with lots of twists and turns. We can help you get your yard back in shape so that your outdoor living space can become your sanctuary. The following information are areas that we can help with at your home or commercial property. We can make Annapolis lawn care services can make your experience more manageable and less concerned at affordable prices.

Leaf Removal Services in Annapolis, MD

Hello fall and hello falling leaves! We offer leaf removal services in Annapolis and surrounding areas. Here in Annapolis, the leaves change colors and then fall. We have piles upon piles. No need to worry or stress. Call us or fill out our estimate form! We have the best services that ensure you’re peace of mind so that you are free to relax and enjoy your weekends or tend to other business. We will rid your lawn off dangerous diseases and harmful organisms that come with the warm weather and decomposing leafy layers at a very competitive price. All you would need to do is contact the best Annapolis landscaper, and without delay, we will take care of your yard and lawn without complaining or asking how you got to that point. Your house will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Fall Clean Up Services in Annapolis, MD

Has it been raining for months? Has your yard turned into an absolute mess with falling leaves, growing grass, and excess vegetation? Yuck. Call Team Paradise today! We are the #1 Local Landscape company with decades of experience service Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas. We will take care of your lawn and outdoor living spaces, you don’t need to worry about diseases that may come with the rotting leaves’ stench and filth. As Paradise Landscape and Hardscape, your lawn is our business. We give you our best at 100% commitment. Do you need leaf removal services in Annapolis? You might also be wondering how we manage to stay on top of our game in Annapolis and its environments, right? We have the most hardworking crew you can ever find to ensure that they rake and blow your leaves and ensure that they take them to the right places where they can be used resourcefully. When you hire us to maintain your lawn, we provide you with quality in exchange. All leaves and any foreign material on your property becomes our concern. We are forever committed to raking your trash with the dedication it deserves. So for a perfect clean up job, Paradise Landscape is your most trusted partner for fall clean up services.

Mulching Services in Annapolis, MD

In addition to leaf removal services in Annapolis, do you want a healthy lawn? Have you ever wondered what mulching can do to your yard? Here at Paradise, we provide answers to some of the questions. Mulching is crucial to you lawn care services.  Apart from the nutrients mulch can deliver and seal in, mulch does other important things to help your yard that include:

  • Promoting soil creation
  • Helping in soil creation
  • Retaining soil moisture
  • Mulching saves money from irrigation and fertilizer retention
  • Saves time
  • Reduces thatch build-up
  • Strengthens your grass blades

Mulching is not a one size fit all activity. At Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes, we are the #1 local team who truly understands the dynamics of mulching.  This is why we do yard assessments to make long term plans. For a disease-free lawn, all you need is Team Paradise!

Landscaping Services in Annapolis, MD

Paradise Landscapes and Hardscapes, the most trusted partners when looking for landscapes that will work on your home or office outdoor living spaces with the dedication and respect it deserves in a budget friendly environment these days. Serving Annapolis residents is our passion, and we do it in a style that cannot be matched by any other Annapolis lawn care provider.  Why Paradise? Whether you need extreme and extensive work done or your lawn and outdoor living space or you need someone to do some little raking and shaping of the grass outside your home, we are the most trusted friends you can invite and be sure to be satisfied. Unlike any other Annapolis landscaper, we are driven by passion and the love we have for what we do. Thus, we will give a five-star experience with nothing to worry about when it comes to clean up and follow up.

Difference between us and our competitors:

  • Knowledgeable staff who loves getting dirty
  • Plenty of equipment that is maintained and current
  • Punctual, and on time
  • Follow up services
  • Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes has several branded vehicles
  • Want to see our ID? No problem, just ask.
  • We offer different package plans

Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes “Contact Us Today”

Sometimes people struggle to keep their homes in decent shape, especially in the fall. As they say, the grass keeps growing. We also understand that the leaves keep falling, and your compound keeps its messy shape. At Team Paradise, your worries about your home’s overall look are our most significant concern. We assure Annapolis residents not to stress too much — just call us or fill out our short estimate form! While we promise 100% commitment and unmatched  quality. At Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes, our word happens to be our promise.

Having a green, healthy, and beautiful lawn is something we all desire. Ever passed by a neatly manicured turf in the hood, and get jealous? What is it that they are doing to their outdoor living spaces that you’re not? Why is your yard patched, dry, and with almost no green grass? What can you do to get that healthy green grass? Welcome to the world of lawn care and maintenance. Modern landscaping allows for beautiful outdoor living spaces, complete with hardscapes, and lots of aesthetic value. For all of your lawn care needs,  Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes, LLC is your go-to in Annapolis, MD. We are passionate about aeration and seeding at Annapolis landscaping, and walk you through a complete plant to maintain your yard through the seasons.

Our Lawn-Care Services In Annapolis, MD

For the most beautiful yard in Annapolis, Team Paradise comes through for you with exceptional customer service and knowledge and lawn care services. From green, lush turfs to lavish, inviting paver patios… transforming your landscape into an enviable turf is our driving force. We you call Paradise Landscape, we will pop out to your home or business to asses the and discuss the following areas regarding a healthy lawn:

  • Analyzing Your Lawn. When you first call us out to your property, we conduct a thorough analysis to determine your lawn’s specific requirements. You are involved every step of the way so we can understand what your expectations are to develop a custom lawn care program to suit your needs.
  • Lawn fertilization. We use the best products on the market, including organic ones, to help your lawn thrive with luster again.
  • Weeding and weed control. At Team Paradise, we bring into action our expertise in controlling any weeds that may be present at your lawn. What’s more, use preventative weed control treatments going forward to ensure a healthy turf all-year-round.
  • Grub Control. Team Paradise ensures efficient grub control in your lawn.
  • Liming and pH testing. Team Paradise understands that having the right pH levels going a long way in achieving that beautiful yard. We ensure the correct pH all the way down to the roots.

Aeration and Seeding in Annapolis

Aerating the soil is the perforation of the soil with small holes to allow for air penetration, water, and nutrients. We are yard seeding pros in and around Annapolis, MD serving all of Anne Arundel County.  Team Paradise understands the need to aerate lawns properly. The roots of the grass need air, water, and nutrients to be succulent and robust. Compacted soil will significantly inhibit the absorption and distribution of these essential requirements.

Grass plants wither and eventually die out from lack of essential nutrients that are just inches away because most lawn owners do not know this. A single aerating procedure can turn things around luckily, and that is why our qualified team is just a call away.

You may not notice your soil compacting. Kids and pets playing in the yard, vehicle treads, and even just lying to bask in the sun can cause a great deal of compaction. Team Paradise addresses all your aerating needs expertly, ensuring these small details do not bother you.

Typically aerating and de-thatching are done together. We need to dethatch when the decomposing organic matter has formed right on the surface of your lawn. Dethatching has the same preventative effect as smothering to your grass plants, robbing them of nutrients, water, and air.

Signs of compaction could range from dull looking grass, water puddles forming where they would be absorbed previously, and just a generally hard and dry (and sometimes cracked) look on the ground. This is usually common in areas with heavy clay soil.

Our aerating process includes:

  • Core aerating. For this, we use spoon-shaped or hollow tines to get columns of soil to the surface of your lawn.
  • Spiking involves solid tines that create holes in the soil.
  • Slicing is where rotating blades are used, slicing the soil for ample aerating.

Slicing and spiking methods work by moving the soil position, allowing more air in. Our Team will advise on the aerating method best for your lawn. We advise the marking of all sprinkler heads before aerating commencement to avoid costly repairs. For lawns with cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass or tall fescue, we recommend aerating during fall. This is because the cooler temperatures reduce heat stress on the grass and minimize weed invasion chances. For warmer-season grass lawns, the best time to aerate would be late spring or very early summer. We like to aerate lawns towards the end of summer and early fall just before the time of the year when your grass plants reach their natural growth peak. Aerating during the very dormant times in your yard would be the wrong timing and further worsen the grass’s stress.

When To Aerate Your Lawn

As we have seen, aerating right before or during the growing season is best. However, other pointers to show that your lawn needs aerating are;

  • Yours is a busy lawn. If you constantly have the kids and pets forming a racetrack on your lawn, you will need to have more aerating from time to time.
  • If your lawn is newly established as part of a newly constructed home. This means your lawn soil will be deeply compacted by all the construction activity.
  • If your once healthy yard has been drying out more or getting a spongy feel, it could be a sign to dethatch and aerate. This is a great time for aeration and seeding in Annapolis, MD.
  • If your lawn was established on sod and soil layering was done on the coarser soil beneath. The finer soil that comes with the sod could easily compact on the surface, leading to poor root development and choking of the grass.

Lawn Seeding In Annapolis

Team Paradise has the expertise and the know-how to quickly transform your lawn into your dream turf. We expertly guide you in choosing the right mixture for your yard, and we seed the grass onto the already prepped lawn. As lawn seeding pros, we understand the need to not only ‘fill-up’ your lawn with grass seeds but also to identify grass thinning signs and nip them in the bud. Getting high-quality grass seed and expertly sowing and maintenance will ensure your turf is green with health. For dry and patched lawns, we incorporate over-seeding and power sowing for better results.

Our lawn seeding pros tactics include;

  • Our lawn aeration and seeding in Annapolis involves agreeing and establishing your goal. As the lawn owner, we allow your guidance on your expectations for your lawn. Whether we are starting from the very initial sowing in your lawn or over-seeding over your existing lawn, we are glad to walk with you each step of the way.
  • Timing the job. As earlier discussed, we time the sowing depending on several factors. This is to ensure we meet your expectations of a lush, healthy lawn.
  • Prepping your lawn for sowing. Before sowing, Team Paradise ensures proper aeration, dethatching, debris removal, and appropriate timing, so the grass seeds pick up on an upward trend.
  • Correcting pre-existing lawn problems. We appropriately address all the problems your lawn might have. We carry out all the necessary soil and pH testing, pest and weed control, dethatching and aerating, just to mention but a few.
  • Selecting high-quality seeds for your lawn. We understand that the better the seed, the healthier the lawn. Thus, we follow the recommended grass seeds for the Annapolis, MD regional climate.
  • Spreading the seed. We use state of the art spreaders for power sowing and the relevant seeders for over-seeding depending on your requirements. We are keen to observe the timing and prevailing weather conditions to avoid any seed wastage.
  • Fertilizing the seeded areas is part of our job description. Lawn maintenance, aeration and seeding before and after sowing is something we do with a lot of passion, having garnered unwavering experience over the years.

Our professional expertise helps you avoid the all too common mistakes that most lawn owners make. These include;

  • Using the wrong equipment. Most lawn owners will unknowingly damage their turfs more by using the wrong aerating and sowing equipment. What this does is that it creates more compacting due to unnecessary treading.
  • Not knowing how to operate aerating equipment. Most people forget to disengage the tines after each turn with the aerator. This results in the damaging of the turf.
  • Aerating and sowing at the wrong time of year. As we have seen, improper timing can lead to very undesirable effects on the lawn.
  • Not keeping the lawn moist after aerating and sowing. Lawn owners easily underestimate the need for proper maintenance of the lawn after aerating and sowing. In order to promote growth after planting, lawn soil should be kept moist.
  • Mowing too soon after sowing. Our care professionals advise no mowing at all for the first three to four weeks after seeding. This allows the grass plants to set their roots as well as acclimatize to the environment.
  • Fighting weeds too early. While the control of weeds is undoubtedly a very advisable practice, if you apply weed-killing substances on your turf when the grass plants are still too young, they will get destroyed, too. We advise waiting till after four to five mowing times before applying any weed control measures.
  • Improper lawn fertilization. Lawn users can sometimes get the wrong fertilization for their lawns, which can be a very costly mistake. Lawn fertilization should always be advised by the type of grass plants you have, as the wrong fertilizer can potentially damage the whole turf. Aeration and seeding help your yard immensely.


Hiring professional lawn specialists is the solution to getting a nice and lush turf all year round. At Paradise Landscape and Hardscape LLC, customer satisfaction is our greatest driving force, and we have worked with many homes and companies in and around Annapolis MD. We walk the talk with you, ensuring we attain, maintain, and retain your lawn goals with our organic lawn care services. Whether its paver patios you need, we are here. Aerating and sowing, as we have seen, needs expertise for green grass to maintain luster. Aeration and seeding in Annapolis is within our expertise. We are very competitive with our rates and services, offering the best Annapolis landscaping services in our times.

16 Staycation Ideas: How to Create the Ultimate Summer Vacation at Home

Summertime brings warmer weather, longer days, and dreams of vacations to beaches or new cities. But what happens when your vacation gets canceled, you’re budgeting to afford a new house, or travel just isn’t possible because we still need to stay at home? The answer is simple — enjoy a vacation at home. Whether it’s creating a spa in your bathroom or turning your dining space into a restaurant, here are some simple and fun staycation ideas you can use to transform your home into the ultimate summer vacation.

Recreate a spa in your bathroom

One of the most popular staycation ideas is transforming your bathroom into a spa. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice relaxation during your staycation. With a few simple changes, you can easily recreate a tranquil retreat in your bathroom or en suite.

  1. Clear out any visible counter clutter
    Make sure to tidy up your bathroom and clear off any clutter on the countertops. Now’s a great time to throw out any old products you haven’t used in a while and make your space as clean as possible.
  2. Light candles and set up oil diffusers
    Whether you have extra candles lying around in a cabinet or prefer to use essential oils, now’s the time to bring them out. Scents of lavender and bergamot essential oils will help bring that spa feel to your home. If you want a beach-side atmosphere instead, consider lighting a coconut vanilla candle.
  3. Splurge on the amenities
    While spending a spa day in your bathroom may not seem like the most luxurious at-home vacation, it can be with some new towels, robes, and other spa favorites. Splurging on nice towels will bring a luxurious feel to your normal bathroom and maybe even pick up some spa essentials from your favorite local spa to really feel like you’re on vacation.

Redecorate your living room into a lounge

You’ve likely been spending a lot of time in your living room these days and are getting used to the same scenery. If you’re looking for a more unique staycation idea, then consider updating your living room. With a few redecorating tips you can transform your living room into a brand new space reminiscent of a hotel lounge.

  1. Rearrange your furniture
    Give new life to your living space by rearranging your furniture in a way you hadn’t thought of before. Try moving your couch across the room or pulling some lounge chairs from another room in your house. By simply moving around furniture in your living room or consulting with an interior designer, you can easily create a new look.
  2. Change up pillows, throws, and decor
    Sprucing up your current decor is an easy way to upgrade to your living room and bring that vacation feeling to life. Think about switching out pillow covers or blankets to something more colorful. Another easy swap is changing up your bookshelves by displaying trinkets from past vacations or adding some travel books to your coffee table.
  3. Create a minibar
    If you’ve always wanted to decorate your end tables with liquor bottles or set up a minibar in the corner of the room, test it out. All you’ll need is a table to house your favorite drinks, as well as some cocktail supplies like glasses, shakers, and stirrers for a simple yet functional minibar. This may be one of the staycation ideas you end up liking so much that it becomes a permanent home bar setup after your staycation has ended.

Turn your dining space into a restaurant

This is one of the simplest, yet most transformative staycation ideas. By easily changing the feel of your dining room, you can make it more reminiscent of a cozy restaurant for a date night or a cafe you’d find on vacation.

  1. Add flowers or plants to create a centerpiece
    Order a nice flower arrangement from your favorite florist or take some flowers from your backyard to spruce up the interior of your kitchen. If you have access to a garden center, pick up some plants that remind you of your favorite summer vacation spots to create a colorful centerpiece for your dining table.
  2. Make use of your formal dining room and nice dishware
    When was the last time you ate dinner in your formal dining room that wasn’t for a holiday or special occasion? Treat your staycation like a special occasion and have your meals in your dining room. Better yet, put your nicer dishware to use as if you were dining at a Michelin star restaurant for a date night.
  3. Turn your outdoor space into a cozy dining area
    There’s no need to worry about forgetting to book an outdoor table at your favorite restaurant when you vacation at home. Adding a seating or dining area will upgrade your staycation. If your outdoor tables have seen better days, spend an afternoon cleaning off that furniture or adding a fresh coat of paint or lacquer to those well-loved dining chairs.

Spruce up your backyard

Whether you live in a condo in Dallas and just have a small patio, or you live in Phoenix with a large backyard and a pool, there’s a handful of simple updates you can do to give your backyard a resort-like feel.

  1. Freshen up your garden with new plants
    Make your backyard feel more like a paradise by planting some new flowers or greenery. Whether that’s adding in-season plants or experimenting with a new flower, like gardenias, they’ll add a paradise-like feel and give new life to your backyard. If you don’t have a green thumb, contact your local landscaping company to turn your garden into a tropical paradise.
  2. Give your outdoor furniture an upgrade
    Whether that’s re-paneling your Adirondack chairs or purchasing some new outdoor cushions for your pool lounges, changing up your outdoor furniture can make all the difference. If you’ve been meaning to invest in a new patio table or a cozy hammock chair, what better time than before your staycation?
  3. Brighten up your backyard with lights
    By adding some new lights to your backyard or patio, it’ll upgrade your staycation evenings as the sun sets. The options are endless, from simple LED tiki torches to having a professional install a custom lighting landscape. Adding lights will bring that magical vacation feel to your backyard and keep your staycation going throughout the summer.
  4. Set up an outdoor audio system
    Whether you’re planning on dining in your backyard or setting up a movie night, you’ll want to add speakers or a sound system to your outdoor space. Think about investing in an audio setup that works throughout your home as well as outdoors, making it useful throughout the year. This simple upgrade will help transform your backyard into the ultimate staycation set-up.

Transform your bedroom into a hotel suite

For many people, escaping to a relaxing destination and staying at a nice hotel is one of the best parts of a vacation. You can easily transform your current bedroom into a luxury escape with a few tweaks to your current decor.

  1. Switch your bed linens
    Chances are you have some spare linens saved for the occasional house guest, so now’s the time to break them out. Switching out your current bedding for freshly cleaned white linens will help evoke that tranquil calmness of a resort during your staycation.
  2. Spend the night in your guest bedroom
    Better yet, if you’ve got a spare bedroom, plan to spend your staycation nights here. Without guests, your spare bedroom may be going unused, so make use of it as your dedicated hotel room. You’ll get a break from your normal nightly routine and wake up to different scenery without having to change a thing.
  3. Update your framed photos with vacation photos
    Spice up your current decor with pictures of those far-away places you planned on traveling to this summer, like a beautiful national park. Print out your favorite photos, or ones from past vacations, to remind you of the pristine beaches or evergreen forests while you enjoy your vacation at home.