You’re beat. You’ve worked all day, and you still need to spend time with your family. Why do you want to mow your lawn in the evenings or on the weekends? Get your time and your yard back when you hire Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes to mow your lawn. When you hire our professional team to mow your lawn regularly it will stay thick and green with no weeds popping up!

Why Hire a Professional Lawn Care Company to Mow Your Annapolis, MD Lawn

Life is so busy. And if you work full-time and have children, there is barely any time left over for yourself. Now, you can reclaim your weekends by hiring a professional lawn care company to mow your lawn every week for you.

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Why a pro? Here are five main reasons:

1) You’re busy. Who wants to manage kids and mow the lawn after work or on the weekends? Enjoy your spring, summer and fall evenings and weekends by having backyard parties instead of cutting your grass.

2) You get a professional mow. Your local lawn service will only take the top quarter to the top third off your grass meaning that your lawn will be three to four inches taller than what you’re used to seeing. Longer lawn grass is healthy grass because it doesn’t allow weeds to seed and grow. You want a thick, green lawn that is comfortable to walk on too.

3) Your lawn service only uses sharp blades when cutting your lawn. Dull blades tear and rip at lawn grass opening it up to insect damage and disease. Your yard gets a clean cut each time a technician from Team Paradise mows your lawn.

4) Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes will also mow your lawn in different directions every time to keep your turf looking manicured and preventing one side from growing longer.

5) We will also trim around areas where the mower couldn’t reach. Your mowing technician will trim around your flowerbeds, trees, fences, gates and along sidewalks. You’ll be pleased driving home after work to see a manicured lawn.

We offer a wide variety of full range services such as: landscaping services, lawn care and maintenance services, complete yard restoration, lawn clean-up, storm clean-up, plant and tree installation, mulching and weeding, leaf removal, snow removal and hardscape installations such as paver driveways and walkways, lighting, waterfall units, fire pits and more!

Why You Need Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes Lawn Care Company to Mow Your Annapolis, MD Lawn

At Paradise Landscape and Hardscapes, we provide weekly mowing and trimming services to homeowners and HOAs in the greater Annapolis, MD region. We use only sharp blades and commercial mowers to deliver a beautiful, clean lawn. We also provide these other lawn care services to ensure your property is beautiful all season long:

Aeration and overseeding services: You want your soil to breathe as well as get adequate moisture. When we aerate, we open up your soil to receive nutrients, oxygen and water as well as release carbon dioxide. We recommend overseeding your lawn in the fall when the summer temperatures have cooled down.

Fall lawn care: We take care of your lawn all the way up to when it stops growing in late fall. We’ll clean up your yard by raking leaves and removing tree branches and debris. We’ll also grade and seed your lawn.

Landscape services: Our landscaping services include sod installation and mulching. If you want a ready-made, real lawn, then sod is the perfect answer.

Also, mulching not only tidies up your trees, shrubs and flowerbeds, but it also helps retain moisture, regulate soil temperature and releases nutrients as it breaks down. You’ll have a beautiful property when you invest in our landscape services.

Snow removal: Encourage your HOA or property manager to sign up for our snow removal services. We provide plowing, shoveling and salt services.

Shrub trimming: Get your shrubs back to their natural shape with our shrub trimming services. We remove overgrown branches and reshape your woody plants to their former glory.

If you want regular lawn mowing or any of our other lawn care and landscaping services, call us today at 443-808-0885 or fill out our form below.

We serve the following Maryland cities in the greater Annapolis area: Annapolis, Arnold, Cape St. Claire, Crofton, Davidsonville, Deale, Dunkirk, Eastport, Edgewater, Harwood, Lothian, Mayo, Pasadena, Riva, Severn, Severna Park, Shady Side and West River.